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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Swatches- Creep, Echo, etc. (Part 2)

These are more random swatches from my last order. You can see Part 1 HERE.

All are swatched over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base.

Midnight Bloom- "Dark grey/black matte base has been turned into a blue/purple/pink shifting glitter powerhouse through the use of copious amounts of color shifting sparkle, primer truly should be used!" 

Firestarter-"Red base that glows with a copper satin overtone, sparkling with bright golden glitter and tiny pink sparks."

Creep-"Bright yellow/green with a shift in one direction to a nearly neon green and in the other to a coral, scattered with golden and blue sparks."
*I don't really see this as a neon green. Although it is a nice color.*

Green Gables-"Fresh green frost fancied up with golden glitter and laced with color-shifting glitter that ranges blue/purple/pink."
Own It!-"Incredibly lush purple base drenched in blue to purple to pink color-shifting glitter!"
Echo-"This mysterious color looks nearly taupe head on, but has strong shifts to pink and green, and loaded with silver glitter!"
Fresh-"Light pretty green with green sparks and red/gold color shifting glimmers."
Coraline-"Beautiful coral peach with a shift to a more orange coral, loaded with lovely pink to gold color-shifting sparkle!"
Sunkissed Cloud-"Rich red base with beautiful aqua to purple to pink color shifting overlay, glittering with gold and purple sparkle!"


I really love Midnight Bloom and Sunkissed Cloud. I'd really love to see Dawn make more color shifters/duochrome-y colors like Sunkissed Cloud. It's not glitter packed and it's just gorgeous in my opinion. I can't wait to see what she'll come up with next! I will have my last part (Part 3) up later this week!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Swatches- Jaded, Dragonfly, etc. (Part 1)

Seems I'm always posting Dawn Eyes swatches, huh? I love this company. So many color choices, great prices, super fast shipping, etc. Here's more swatches of some of the colors I picked up up. This is Part 1 of 3, so keep an eye out for the others!

All are swatched over LA Splash eyeshadow sealer/base.

 Jaded- "Grassy green base dripping with color-shifting glitter that makes it look like pink, gold, or coral!" 

Dragonfly-"A lush purple base with a strong green overtone that has a slight shift to a purple, graced with green and violet stars!"

Tequila Sunrise- "Lush orange base with a strong pink overtone, especially over primer, glistening with tiny silver stars."

Strawberry Shortcake- "Sweet, soft, strawberry pink glowing with green, silver, and red sparkle, delicious!"

Brilliant- "Bright bright blue with a shift to a larkspur lavender, gleaming with blue to purple/pink color-changing glitter!"

Mint Julep-"Pretty light green with green and silver sparkle."
Seashell-"Lovely pale lilac with a shift to pale pink, and shimmering with matching color-shifting glitter."
Mystic Dawn-"A pretty light blue with a strong pink shift over primer and graced with sparks of blue." 

My favorite colors have to be Jaded, Brilliant and Mystic Dawn!