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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Black Rose Minerals Swatches- Part 2

Are you getting tired of Black Rose Minerals swatches yet? No? Good! There's 2 other parts to come in the next week or so. :)

All are swatched over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base.

Oracle-"A medium brown base with yellowy-green-turquoise flashes."

Shunsui- "Our shade starts with a cherry red and sparkles with pink (the color of his kimono) and aqua sparkles (the color of his fancy hair tie)."
It's Electric-"This super bright hue sparkles and shines. Wear it dry for several varying shades of blue from slightly sheer to more heavy coverage. Wear it wet for a bright metallic blue without losing any of the sparkle."
Yoruichi-" A deep blue black matte base with an overlay of violet shimmer."
Lagrimas- "This beautiful shade of aqua shimmers and shines with warm golden tones and light green highlights."

Wish You Were Here- "A sheer white base loaded with multi-colored sparkles."
Tower of Strength-" A dark red with gold sparkles."
Superstar-"A matte cornflower blue base loaded with blue sparkles."
Crazy On You- " A soft green with a golden glow reminiscent of the moonlight. And a bit of silver sparkles sprinkled throughout."
 Total Eclipse of the Heart- "A black base with a pinky orange sheen."

I think my absolute favorite out of the bunch has to be Wish You Were Here. I don't know why, but I totally did not expect the sparkles it would have. It's GORGEOUS! Runners up would be Tower of Strength, Oracle and Yoruichi.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Black Rose Mineral Swatches- Part 1

Hi Everyone!

I made a pretty big sample order from Black Rose Minerals back in June during a sale. I just got them maybe 2 weeks ago since the owner Rosa was going through some personal things then my order was lost through Paypal somehow. Totally not Rosa's fault, but she has excellent customer service and was right on it! After we figured out my order was lost, it was sent out within a few days. Everything I received is amazing! She's also having a birthday sale right now (33% off with the code birthday), so go check it out!

Anyway, on to the swatches!

All are swatched over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base.

All Apologies- This is an exclusive (I think?) shade Rosa made for those of us who were waiting for our orders. It's a sort of teal color with golden sparkles.

Panic Switch- A medium yellow with a pink shift.

Pandora- "deep rose with blue and pink glitter."
Peritwinkle-"This slightly sheer borders between baby blue and lavender, A touch of goldish orange duochrome gives the slightest glow when dry. Wear it wet to bring out the metallic tone and make the golden orangish highlight pop even more."
Behemoth- "mid-tone blue with golden sparkles."
Tourniquet- "A metallic gold in a black base and an ever so slight tint of a green highlight gives just a bit of a twist."
Poseidon-"A powerful teal base with a high shimmer finish and turquoise glitter."
These Things- "silvery gray with just a touch of pink shimmer."
Ichigo-"deep black glistens slightly with just a pop of copper sparkles."
Aria- " A sparkling green based teal loaded with silver and aqua sparkles."


I really love all these colors! I think I may need a full size of a few soon!