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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Facebomb Cosmetics- A WARNING!

 *UPDATE: (12/10) I received my last package today. Everything was correct and I received a full size along with it to make up for the wait. The package did smell of perfume and lightly of cigarettes. While I'm extremely happy I received my package, I do not think I can shop with Facebomb again after this whole ordeal. You're completely welcome to try this company (although the shop is closed for now from what I can tell) I won't be making anymore purchases unless I see that communication has been completely turned around and I see positive feedback. I haven't decided if I should put up my swatches. I'd like to because I love to swatch things, but I feel like I'd be promoting a company I no longer support. I'd LOVE your input on this. I'm completely undecided.*

*(12/7) After posting this and escalating my Paypal dispute to a claim, I got a "Your Item Has Shipped!" notification along with an email from the owner herself with my tracking number. The package has been moving so I should be getting it next week. I'll update again once I receive the package.*

I've been REALLY debating on what to say in this post. I still don't know what to exactly say, but I think this information should be put out there for everyone.

I made an order during Facebomb's first 75% off sale (Nov 2). I ordered samples and got a great deal on them. Score on my part because her samples contain more product than the actual full sizes (yeah, if you have your own jars, just go ahead and buy a sample you"ll get an almost full 3 gram jar for a few bucks cheaper). I'll admit, I'm a sample buyer because I've yet to go through a whole sample. Anyway, all is fine and dandy. Facebomb had another 75% off sale so I made another really small sample order (Nov. 11). All is fine, I even see on Facebomb's Facebook page in comments that all orders from the first sale should be going out that Wednesday (Nov 14). Awesome, except Nov. 14 comes and goes with no sign of packages being sent out. I get kinda worried but I know people are really busy especially around the holidays. Brush it off and go on.

A few days later I post on Facebomb's page asking when I could expect orders to go out since I was looking forward to all of my pretties. I was nice and just seeing if a time frame could be given. I never got a direct answer. I figured she hadn't seen it. About a day later I see on the Facebook page that orders would be going out but she's been working a lot more so to hang tight. Great! That's all I needed to know.

Well, a few days later I start seeing other's comments on the Facebook page. Some customers had been waiting months and never receiving their orders even after exhausting all forms of communication. WUT. How have I not heard about this? A few days later after the comments I see, I message the owner through Storenvy asking for any sort of time frame. Anything. I was perfectly fine waiting because I actually like Facebomb's products.

I never received ANYTHING. Not a peep. Nothing on the Facebook page or Storenvy. Eventually Facebomb decided to perk up and have yet ANOTHER sale after ignoring customers just asking simple questions and not sending out orders. People come out from nowhere asking where their orders are from months ago, why haven't they been answered from weeks ago, etc. Eventually the owner told everyone the orders would be going out at the end of the month (November). A day or so after that, the Facebomb Facebook page closed.

Before the Facebook page had closed (by the end of November) I had received my shipping notice. Some people who requested refunds from months ago never got their refunds (as far as I'm aware). I suppose I'm one of the lucky ones who received their orders. As it stands right now, I have gotten my order from the first sale. Everything was correct but the package smelled horribly of perfume and cigarettes. I've yet again sent a message through Storenvy asking for a timeframe for the second order. That was maybe a week and a half ago? I've heard nothing. I opened a dispute on Paypal for the second order a few days ago. I've yet to hear a response. I'm going to give it a few more days. I've also been in contact with Storenvy to see if they could get any sort of answer. At the moment they said they'd try to contact the owner and I should open a Paypal dispute before the 45 day limit.

From all of this and knowing others who have had bad experiences with other indie companies, DO NOT let my experience deter you from making indie purchases. There are SO many great companies that actually value their customer/fan base and will communicate. All I want and still want is some communication. That's it. It doesn't take almost a month to answer a simple question. I COMPLETELY understand owners are people too and have their own lives and jobs, but a simple sentence would have been fine for me to see. I still hope I get my package. I like the products, I really do. If not, I hope to see my refund. I posted this as a warning. If you'd like to take your chance at ordering, go ahead. That's your business, not mine. I didn't post this as a way to "bash" anyone at all. I just wanted to share my experience and hopefully let other people know what the situation is.

*Also, when I purchased, there was no TAT stated. I foolishly assumed it was still the 5-7 days it used to be.
**Do NOT post hateful and rude comments. They will be deleted. Keep it civil. :)
***I also have swatches of my purchase, if anyone wants to see, let me know. I'll be glad to put them up.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics- The Pastel Kisses Collection


This will be a quick swatch post. I've been having troubles with my computer and it not connecting to any of our wireless signals. I tried everything and at the moment it is working (knock on wood!). So I'm trying to get this post in before it goes out again (if it does). I've also been having camera trouble. It's always something. I have tried to take photos of this collection at least 3 times. I'll probably try to one more time though. :)

So I won the naming contest for this collection. I absolutely love the colors. I'd have to say Dayglow, Butterfly Kisses and The Fire Within are my favorites from this collection. On to the photos!

All are swatched over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer and in indirect sunlight.

-Pinkoral- "Brilliant pink/coral/gold color shifter, dancing with pink to gold color shifting sparkle."

-Prelude-"Lovely purple with a beautiful pink shift, dancing with color shifting glitter from blue to purple to pink."

-Orangesicle-"Pretty, soft yet bright, orange lit with golden and pink sparkle, sweet as the old fashioned ice cream treat!"

-Dayglow-"A light blue/lavender with a strong pink/gold shift, glimmering with pink to gold sparkle."

-Crystal Dawn-"Pale pale beige with pink/coral/copper overtones, sparkling with pink, blue, and copper twinkles."

-Butterfly Kisses-"A very pale blue with the slightest subtle hint of lavender shift, with color-shifting glitter that runs blue/purple/pink."

-Blue Horses-"Beautiful green with a strong aqua shift, even bordering on lavender, loaded with bright aqua sparkle."

-Molten-"Beautiful neutral with sparks of green, violet, and blue."

-The Fire Within-"A lovely cream with a fiery pink/coral/gold shift, laced with tiny golden sparks."

-Wild Turkey-"Dark deep brown with strong shifts in green and pink, dripping with color-shifting glitter that goes aqua to blue to purple/pink."

The only issue I had was that I couldn't catch a shift at all within Wild Turkey. It was a color I was looking most forward to. Maybe if I try it over another base I'll get better results.

If you'd like to purchase any of these colors, you can find them HERE!


*I was provided these colors for free since I won the naming contest. All statements are my honest thoughts.  

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Femme Fatale Cosmetics- Random Swatches

If you couldn't tell by now, Femme Fatale Cosmetics has my heart. I love every color. I hope to one day own at least a sample of every color, but that's another story for another day.

I purchased these colors with my last order. Some of them are part of current collections (I'll note which ones) and I had to have them right then since I couldn't purchase the whole collection. Some of them are colors that have been part of the permanent collection for a while.

All swatches are over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer. They are taken inside in indirect sunlight.

Temporal Shift- "It is a black based shade with striking golden duochrome that almost looks green in some lights." This color is part of the Lord of the Centuries Collection.

The Nightmare-"An eggplant purple base with intense golden green glimmers and sparkles." This color is part of the Mistress of Dreams Collection.

Amber Eyes-"A very pale coral with peach and pink tones, and a subtle green finish." This color is part of the Queen of Life Collection.

Astral Recall- "A soft Puce pink (pale pink with somewhat grey undertones), Astral Recall has a stunning scattering of pink and blue sparks."

Phantasm- "A pale purple with violet tones and copper orange shimmer."
Azuremist- "It is a pale light blue with very subtle pink shimmer. This shade is a batch that was made incorrectly by error, and therefore is under ‘discontinued’ although it is a shade that was never added to our permanent range."
Frostfire- "A strong azure blue with teal undertones, Frostfire has a soft reddish shine and a scattering of pink and golden sparkles."


Those are all of the colors I have for now. I'll be buying more sometime. I'm swooning over the Handful of Treats (Halloween '12) Collection

As always, you can purchase these colors and many more from Femme Fatale Cosmetics.



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Femme Fatale Cosmetics- The Spellweaver Collection

Hi Everyone!

I'm back with more Femme Fatale swatches! Yay!

With this order there were so many new colors and collections, I was blown away. I absolutely love everything but I had to keep to my budget. I purchased samples of the Spellweaver Collection along with a few other colors from other collections and some older colors (those will be in another post). The Spellweaver Collection contains 5 eyeshadow colors, all of which are extremely intricate and beautiful.

Swatches are in indirect sunlight over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer.

Crystalline Scale- "It is a delicate pale thistle purple with pink tones and a soft blue duochrome finish, suitable for every-day wear or highlighting."

Arcanomicon-"a pale blue with strong lavender tones, and aqua shimmer which shifts to violet depending on the angle of the light."

Arcane Storm-"a blue-grey base with a very subtle green finish."
Illusions-"a brown based shade with a hint of auburn undertones, and teal duochrome finish."
 Nexus-"a deep navy with teal tones and brilliant red shimmers and sparks."


I'm absolutely in love with this collection. All of the colors are right up my alley in regards to sparkle and duochrome. All of the colors applied smoothly and were very pigmented.
I can't pick a favorite with this collection. I really do think all of the colors are gorgeous! Which ones do you love?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics- Random Swatches

Hi Everyone!

My internet has been going in and out and I've been super busy lately, I really wanted to get this up sooner but life gets in the way sometimes. Better a little late than never though, right?

These are just a few of the random colors I picked up from my order.

All are swatched over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer.

Merry Go Round- "Is it gold, is it blue? With Merry Go Round it's up to you! Can even be seen as a green, this golden blue sparkles with gold and blue shimmer!"

Compromised- "The richest most beautiful purple yet! This is not a sparkly color, but stands on its own for sheer beauty, with a natural sheen and soft shimmer."
Pistachio Pudding- "This is a beautiful olive green/golden satin shade that drips in gold/pink and aqua/green sparkle, with flashes of copper glitter strewn through it, stunning!"

Whirlaway Dancer-"A semi-translucent medium grey matte color loaded with brilliant glitters in pink, gold, copper, and blue, lending the shade a very coral/pink appearance."
Odyssey-"Rich black semi-matte base explodes with blue, red, gold, silver, and green glitter, dramatic and daring!"
Candy Corn-"Halloween Collection 2011 - A bright white pearl with subtle pink and gold undertones, drenched in gold and deep orange glitter."

That's all of my Dawn Eyes Cosmetics order. I really need to make another order soon. I absolutely love everything!

You can buy these shades and MANY more from Dawn Eyes Cosmetics.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics- Spring 2012: Flora & Fauna Collection Swatches

I picked up a few of these colors with my last order and I was given samples of most of the others from this collection. This is NOT the complete collection. I'm missing: Lily of the Valley, Bluebell, Rununculus and Morpho Menelaus. I've really gotta get those that I don't have. I hate not having a complete collection! Anyway, on to the swatches!

All are swatched over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer in sunlight.

Poppy-"Bright, brilliant, hot orange with a red heart and a golden glaze. Dripping with color-shifting sparkles that range blue/aqua/violet and pink/gold." 

 Water Lily- "Dusty medium green lies under a fine pale pink patina, very pearly and sometimes tinged with violet. Bright glitter with a range of color from blue to aqua to violet, aqua the most prominent, darts through it like dragonflies!" 

Redbud-"A bright metallic beige with the barest hint of green, loaded with color-shifting sparkle of pink/violet to copper/gold. In direct light it looks very beige overlaid with pink, but the color changes subtly at the right angle."

Crocus-"Bright Royal purple head on, glittering with purple sparkle. Change the angle to a deep plum, glittering with gold. And is that a flash of violet/pink glitter over medium dark purple satin in the other direction? Why yes, it is all of those things!"
Peony-" Bright peony pink loaded with green and aqua shimmer to the point where it's almost a patina! Pearly rather than satin or metallic, bold but somehow subdued."

Azalea-" Pink, a very hot pink that at the right angle has the slightest hint of orange. With a satin finish and scattered with glitter that changes from blue to violet to pink, this brilliant shade is bold and beautiful!"

Leptotes Marina-"Another beautiful butterfly, this satiny semi-metallic deep brown, is rich, luxurious, and very sparkly with the blue/aqua/purple color-shifting glitter. Perfect for a stroll in a spring garden!"

 Daffodil-"Brilliant yellow gold satin, shimmering with gold and silver sparkle, like the bright sunlight of an early Spring afternoon."

Green Tulip-"A sassy medium green loaded with color-shifting sparkle that runs from pink/violet to copper/gold with hints of blue. This shade look almost coppery from certain angles. Very pretty and spring-like!"

Pansy-"A rich medium dark purple satin, sporting beautiful green/gold and bright pink glitter in abundance. A good color for a smokey eye with some pizzaz!"


All of the formulas with these are great. I had no problems what-so-ever. If you'd like to purchase these, they are on clearance and can be found HERE!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics- The Winnie the Pooh Collection

Hi everyone!

I ordered this collection (in samples) with my Dawn Eyes Cosmetics order. I never really cared for Winnie the Pooh and all of his pals (even though I do think they are cute) so I passed over this collection a few times, but something told me to look at the swatches on the website again. I liked the colors and decided to order the collection.

I'm SO happy that I did! These colors are amazing! The application is amazing, the colors have great pigmentation, and the shimmer/glitter tops it all off. I'm just going to go ahead to the swatches so you can see what I mean!

All swatches are done over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base and padded on.

 Pooh-"A low sheen gold with a red shift overtone and bright copper glitter in 2 tones."

Eeyore-"A medium grey matte base with a glowing pink overtone and sparkling blue glitter."

Rabbit-"A pale yellow with a pink overlay and brilliant golden glitter."

Kanga & Roo-"A taupe brown with blue overtone and loaded with pink glitter."

 Christopher Robin-"A peach and blue duochrome sporting lots of golden glitter."

Tigger-"A shimmery cream base with an orange overlay and bright copper sparks."

Piglet-"A matte beige base with strong fuschia sheen and sparkling with purple gleams."
Owl-"A shimmering metallic copper tan, drenched in copper and golden glitter!"

 All of the colors are gorgeous and match the characters so well. If you'd like to buy any color individually or the entire collection, they are on clearance and you can see them HERE.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Review

Since I'm always looking for new indie makeup companies to love, I came across Dawn Eyes Cosmetics.

Here's a little more about the company from the website:

"Dawn Eyes Cosmetics is a very small mineral makeup start-up located in mid-Missouri, USA. The inspiration for Dawn Eyes Cosmetics was the closing of a mineral makeup company from which I used to purchase all of my eye shadows. An investment in raw ingredients from the closing company brought more than I could possibly use in a lifetime, and so I started making eye shadows for friends and family. Once I had started I couldn't get enough of creating gorgeous shades: simple day-to-day shades, pearly and soft shimmering shades, and all-out glittery creations that I love to wear day or night."

I'm not exactly sure how many colors there are in her company, but if I had to guess it would be over a hundred. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but it is definitely worth looking through each section and at each color. Once I saw that there were so many choices of eyeshadow, I quickly made a purchase. Samples are $1 and full sizes are $6 (unless noted). Clearance shades are $2.75 and shipping is free if your order is over $10.

I purchased a Reviewer pack, samples of the Winnie the Pooh collection and a clearanced full size. Once I ordered I never expected my products to be packed up all nice and pretty within a day! That's truly amazing! I believe the shipping was 2 days (excluding the weekend). I received everything in a padded envelop enclosed in a sachet bag. All of my samples were neatly tucked away in little ziplock baggies. No spills what-so-ever. I also received 5 free samples with my order!

I loved absolutely EVERYTHING I received. I know I will be ordering again soon!

I'll have swatches of everything up very soon. The first collection that will be up is the Winnie the Pooh collection! Keep your eyes open for it!