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Monday, August 20, 2012

Facebomb Cosmetics Review and Swatches

***UPDATE- (12/6) My blog post about this situation can be found HERE.

(11/26) My first order has been marked as shipped and should be going out today. I believe others who requested a refund have gotten them quickly. Owners bank denied their refunds last time I saw on the Facebook page. I do like Facebomb and the products, the only issue was little to no communication (from what I dealt with). I will have another post up once I receive my first order of the two.*

*(11/22) Apparently (I was only made aware of this recently) that some people were waiting months and never receiving their orders from this company. I currently have 2 orders that are waiting to ship and my multiple attempts to contact her are seemingly being ignored. They were placed recently, so I'm not too concerned yet, I just basically contacted her asking for any sort of time frame about when they would ship. I will continue to update this as things go along. ***

*This is a pretty long post that is picture heavy*

I have recently been on the hunt for new indie cosmetic brands that I could try and I came across Facebomb Cosmetics while on my search. Facebomb Cosmetics offers eyeshadow, loose glitter and cute makeup bags.

I ordered a bunch of samples since it was hard to choose what I'd like since everything looked so pretty. Samples come in baggies that are $1.00 each while full sizes are $5.75. I hate baggies in general so I put them all in my own 3 gram jars.

Let me just put this out there that you get A LOT of product from the samples. I'd say it's in the range of 1/2 to 3/4 of a 3 gram jar. I'm so used to just getting a few uses from a sample, so this was a pleasant surprise! I also received a full size eyeshadow and a little hand written note apologizing for going over TAT (current TAT as I was told on the Facebook page was 5-7 days). That's such wonderful service! To be completely honest I didn't even think TAT had even gone over when excluding the weekend.

The eyeshadow feels very silky and is extremely easy to apply. I love the range of colors in the store and I love the names! I would suggest wearing the glittery shades over glitter glue or primer, just like any other sparkly/glittery shadows.

I do have two little issues though, more-so me being nit-picky. With the online shop I'd love to see swatches of the eyeshadow along with the product to get a better idea of the color out of the jar. Maybe that's just me. The product photos are nice looking, I'd just like to see the color on skin. :) I tried looking all over the internet to find swatches of the current colors in the shop and only found a few, but that is not Facebomb's fault. The other thing is that it seems you have to follow the Facebomb Cosmetics page to get updates and see swatch photos. This isn't so much of an issue since I follow the page, but I guess it could be a pain for some other people. 

Now on to the swatches!

Cuppycake- "A bold, grape-purple that has a green duochrome!"
Io-"A fresh minty green with a violet shift."
Night-O-Sphere- "A graphite color with aqua and violet sparks!"
 *When swatched wet, this turns into a grey/olive color.*

I Am Your Father- "is from the Empire Sparkles Back collection and is a flat black with gold, blue, and silver glitter."

Diamond Eyes- "a dreamy white with a purple and turquoise shift and sparks of violet and aqua!"
*I love the name of this color. I relate it to the Deftones song/CD. I know there's also a Shinedown song by that name, so possibly that's where the name came from. Not sure if it was meant for any of the songs but I love it anyway.*

Danse Macabre- "is from The Coffin Collection and is a bright, acid green!"
*This color has a golden shift as well as a bit of aqua, gold, and green glitter.*

Lollipop Chainsaw- "a color shifting white pigment that vividly morphs from white, turquoise, green, violet, and gold!"
*I could not find any color shifting at all within this color. Maybe mine was a dud? Not sure but I'm not too worried about it. I like the color by itself.*

Witches Brew- "is from the Coffin Collection and is a bright, luxurious purple with sparks of violet and aqua!"

Pumpkin Guts- "is from the Coffin Collection and is a bright, near neon orange with sparks of gold."
Asphyxia- "a bright and shimmery lagoon blue with a green shift and sparks of aqua and violet!"
*This shade was the full size I received.*

Emerald Isle- "a bright kelly green with gold and green sparkle."

Kotake & Koume- "is from the Legend of Zelda Vol. 2 collection and is a medium fuschia with turquoise sparks!"
*I caught a lot of silver sparks in this color too*

The Golden Age- "a light and shimmery gold with aqua and violet sparks!"

La Mer- "a shimmery blue/aqua color with rainbow sparks!"

Dark Link- "from the Legend of Zelda Vol. 2 collection and is a deep, dark black with a navy/green undertone and rainbow and red glitter."
Diabolique-"a smoky mocha brown with a teal undertone and sparks of aqua, green, and violet!"
*I get a bit more of a medium grey with brown and a bit of burgundy undertones.*

I really loved all of the colors I picked out.

So the question is, would I purchase from Facebomb Cosmetics again? Certainly!!! I love the colors, the eyeshadow is very easy to apply, the price is right and I can already tell the customer service is great. I'd really love to see Facebomb Cosmetics become popular. It certainly deserves it.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics (Part 4)

Here is the fourth and final part to the random Darling Girl Cosmetics swatches.

Here are some things to keep in mind when reading the shade descriptions (these are taken from the Darling Girl Cosmetics page):

"Spectral Shifts are silky, sheer, iridescent, multipurpose shades that can be used as eye shadow, face highlighters, or depending on your complexion, blush.  Don't let the colors fool you -- the shift makes them very wearable."
"Diamond Dust eye shadows are made with a super-lustrous glitter that shines like, well... diamonds. Pictures cannot do them justice."

 Persuasion- "A gorgeous, medium lavender base with gold shift and turquoise sparkles." This shade is a Diamond Dust.

Morbid Angel- "A smokey lilac taupe with just the barest hint of green iridescence." This shade is a Spectral Shift.

Pixi Purple- "A soft wash of red/violet with green duochrome." I personally do not catch any green duochrome, maybe it can be seen in different lights.

Now that I have looked at the website and its swatches of Little Miss Sunshine, I do not believe this is the same color. I have NO idea what color I have but it isn't Little Miss Sunshine. My sample is a gold color also. Any idea of what this color is would be awesome!

Midnight Sea- "A rich, matte, royal purple base with turquoise shift."

Again, I do not think the swatch of Little Miss Sunshine is correct with its name.  I really don't know what color it could be.

Comet- "A stunning, matte wine base with a strong aqua/green shift and pink shimmer." Comet is part of the Darling Deer Christmas Collection.

Dragon's Breath- "A sheer, black base with gold shift and green/gold "diamond dust" glitter."

Jack's Lantern- "A deep black base with a fiery red/orange shift. The combination looks like a blackened purple, especially when foiled." Jack's Lantern is part of the Darling Ghoul Halloween Collection.

That's all of the random swatches I have. I do have the Darling Girl Rainbow Brite Collection so that should be up soon!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics Part 3

This is the third part to my Darling Girl Cosmetic swatches. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

On to the swatches!

High Society- "A pale lilac pink with gold iridescence." This shade is part of the Spring Social Collection.

Dark Heart- "A blackened violet on a metallic burgundy base shot with blue and pink sparkle."

Fire Inside- "A metallic burnt red.  Its richness is heightened by the gold sparkles blazing within." Fire Inside is part of the Only One Can Win collection.

Sushi Flower- "An amazing, iridescent blue/purple with a rainbow of "diamond dust" sparkle. Diamond Dust eye shadows are made with a super-lustrous glitter that shines like, well... diamonds. Pictures cannot do them justice." Sushi Flower is LOADED with lots of multi-colored sparkle.

Exhale- "A pale lavender with with blue/green flash." I see on the website that this shade was reformulated 05/12. I purchased prior to this, but the description still matches and they look very similar with photos I've seen of this shade.

As always, you can purchase these shades and many more from Darling Girl Cosmetics.