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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Aromaleigh Birds of a Feather Collection

Sent for review

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while! I've been pretty busy with being a mom and other things, so I haven't been blogging like I should. Hopefully I'll be changing that soon!

Anyway, on to the good stuff!

Recently Kristen from Aromaleigh sent me her newest collection, Birds of a Feather. This collection is based on the feathers and eggs of different types of chickens! Kristen and I both have chickens so this collection was just perfect!

This collection consists of twelve colors- ten are eyeshadows and two are eye-safe glitter blends. The full size collection comes packaged in a beautiful small egg carton topped with artwork. The deluxe samples and full sizes come with artwork as the labels. At first glance, this collection is full of beautiful color shifting pastels that are perfect for Spring. Once I started swatching, I wasn't disappointed at all! The colors are vibrant and shift so smoothly! I had no issues with swatching or wearing these; they all applied like a dream!

For my swatches, I swatched all of these over Brija Cosmetic's Adhesive Eye Wax under a daylight bulb.

Ameraucana- "A pale/medium heathered grey blue with a strong teal/blue shift."

 Brahma- "a delicate pastel pinkish brown with a strong grass green highlight."

Cochin- "A warm golden yellow/orange with a reddish pink shift."
Crevecoeur-"A pale/medium heathered green with a strong purple shift."
Langshan- "A midtone mauve with a strong green shift."
Marans- "A lustrous copper with strong green shift."
Orpington- "Heathered brown with a gold shift."
 Silkie-"This shade is a natural glitter blend, and is super sparkly! A glue base is recommended for maximum payoff and reduction of fallout. This is a translucent white satin base with copious amounts of rose and copper sparks."
Sumatra- "This shade is a natural glitter blend, and is super sparkly! A glue base is recommended for maximum payoff and reduction of fallout. This is a translucent deep grey base with tons of blue and green sparks."
Wyandotte- "A pale pinkish red base with strong blue shift."
Faverolles- "A soft pale taupe with a pink/copper shift."
Sicilian- "Creamy gold with a copper shift."
 To date, I think this is one of my favorite Aromaleigh collections! I just absolutely love the soft and shifty pastels. The overall theme for the collection helps for that favoritism as well. :)

If you'd like to purchase any of these, here's the link to the Birds of a Feather collection: http://aromaleighcosmetics.com/eyes/permanent-eye-collections/birds-of-a-feather/

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy- Release The Clow Collection!

Sent for review/swatches

Hi everyone!

Recently Innocent + Twisted Alchemy released a new collection based on the Card Captor Sakura manga/anime series! This collection comes with 6 eyeshadows, a blush and a lippie slick!

The eyeshadows are the usual formulation; extremely easy to work with, blend and apply smoothly! I had absolutely NO problems with any of the eyeshadows being patchy once applied over Brija Cosmetic's Adhesive Eye Wax (which is sort of a waxy tacky base). The blush applied and blended extremely well also. I was actually very surprised that the blush blended out so well and left a perfect amount of golden sparkle behind. The lippie slick absolutely blew me away! I expected this to be very gloss-like, but it wasn't! If I haven't mentioned it before, I'm not a slick or sticky gloss type person, so this was an extremely pleasant surprise for me. The finish is an almost semi-matte (in my opinion), but still has a bit of a gloss feel. It's kind of hard to describe. I've never experienced a lip product quite like this one. I absolutely love it though and the flavor/scent (Lychee) is amazing! FYI I did apply the product directly to my lips from the tube, then spread the product out with a lip brush.

I feel like I'm sort of rambling on now, but honestly, Linda knocked this collection out of the park! I've never been so in love with a full collection before. Anyway, on to my swatches and product photos! Everything (except for the blush) was swatched over Brija Cosmetic's Adhesive Eye Wax. 

Cherry Blossom Magic - Pink with a copper duochrome and green shimmers 
 *This is a stronger pink and gold than my photo shows!*

Feats of Fashion - Red-violet that has an aqua duochrome and red sparkles 

 Lion of the Sun - Golden Orange that has a metallic-y golden sheen 

 Little Wolf - Shimmering forest green with gold and purple sparkles 

 Moon Castles - Velvety snow white that has a strong aqua duochrome 

 Solitary Savior - Royal purple that has a subtle blue sheen and slight red shimmer 

 Invincible Spell (Blush) - Sheer pink with gold sparkles 

 Innocent Love (Lippie Slick) - Mauve with a pink undertone and has an aqua duochrome with subtle green shimmers
Flavor: Lychee

You can purchase the collection HERE!

If you'd like to purchase these products individually and in deluxe or full sizes, you can here.



Saturday, September 19, 2015

Innocent and Twisted Alchemy's September 2015 Sub

Sent for review

Hi Everyone!

I've been super busy and haven't been able to post much lately, but that will be changing soon! I have lots of new things to post! The first thing being this month's Innocent and Twisted Subscription! The always lovely Linda sent me this month's sub to swatch and review and I'm so insanely glad she did, because I would have absolutely HATED to miss out on these colors! 

This month's theme was Predator! I've never seen the movies, but I know about them. The colors seemed to stay within the duochrome range this time and Linda did an amazing job with these! As soon as I opened the package, I kept staring at Cold & Dirty. You'll see why in my swatches! All of these applied smoothly. No dragging, no patchiness, no fallout after application, just an all around great formula to work with! This month's other indies that were included were samples from Dark Matter Makeup, The Chequered Lily, Abyssal Realm and Spectrum Cosmetics

All swatches are done over ELF Glitter Primer with the exception of the Abyssal Realm sample; that is over bare skin.

 Cold & Dirty- A bright green shift over a brownish purple base with lots of shifts depending on the angle of light.

Marked By The Kill- "Red-Orange that has an orange duochrome."
 Unblooded Hunt- A grey base with a blue shift

Trophies of Man- A blackened base with a green shift and a few purple sparkles 

Dark Matter Makeup- Xenomorph- This color was made exclusively for this month's theme. It's a darkened base with purple and gold glitter.

The Chequered Lily- The Ringmaster- "Velvety Brick Red with Strong Red Iridescence & Gold Sparkles."
Abyssal Realm- Awaken- A medium matte brown with a few white sparkles

Spectrum Cosmetics- Voodoo Lipgloss- "a beautiful dark blackened purple lip gloss, with LOTS of sparkle!"
The lipgloss was applied with a lip brush. I'm a bit heavy handed with my application. The lipgloss is nice, but it will smear. This color is absolutely beautiful, but I don't think I can personally pull this off. I applied the Abyssal Realm sample over bare skin because with matte eyeshadows, sometimes your primer can change the color a bit. It applied nicely over bare skin though. The Dark Matter Makeup sample came in a cute plastic vial. While I love the packaging, it's a bit of a pain to get any of the product out. Just a little thing that may matter to some!

Overall, I'm in LOVE with this month's sub! It was extremely well put together and the colors are phenomenal. I would love to see a whole collection of Alien vs. Predator. Hopefully that can be a thing in the future? :)



Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Notoriously Morbid's State of Fear Collection- Part 1

Hi Everyone!

Recently Notoriously Morbid released the first 5 shadows from a 50 color collection named State of Fear! This collection is "inspired by the legendary monsters creeping around each of your states, spaced out over the next ten months!". This collection will be permanent.

On to the swatches! All swatches are over ELF Glitter Primer.

Billiwhack- "Stalking through California, this goat-like creature is sure to send you screaming. A pale pink with golden shift. "

Fouke- "It won't be the elements that get you in the wilderness of Arkansas. The Fouke Monster is said to be over 7 feet tall and ape-like, so get your screams ready. A deep brown with intense red shift and sparkle."

Kushtaka- "Alaska calls to mind majestic, pristine wilderness, frigid temperatures and a shape-shifting monster straight out of your frozen nightmares. A cool sky blue with intense purple duo and shimmer. "Kushtaka" is very illuminating!" ** This does have a purple shift that was hard for me to capture on my camera, but it is there in person!**

Mogollon- "You wouldn't want to be caught alone in the Mongollon Rim in Arizona. You just might meet the hairy beast that's said to roam those woods. A leafy green with yellow gold shift."

 Wolf Woman- "Beautiful and deadly and...a wolf? Some Mobile, AL residents swear they encountered this half woman, half wolf hybrid roaming the streets and scaring the living daylights out of everyone. A dusty brown with purple/green shift."

Wolf Woman had lots of shifts I tried my best to capture, but my photos do not do it justice, so here's a video from my Instagram!


I absolutely LOVE Billiwhack and Wolf Woman. I'll probably need to pick up full sizes of those soon! Which are your favorites? I'm so excited to see the next round of releases!