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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Swatches- Part 2

Purchased by me

Hi All!

I can't sleep, so why not blog? 

A few days ago I posted Part 1 of my Dawn Eyes Cosmetic swatches. So here's part 2 I promised!

All are swatched over Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me.

Beauty Blossoms- "Deep magenta red base loaded with color-changing glitters from aqua/blue to pink/green!"

Beloved- "A gorgeous tealy golden blue head on dancing with gold and blue glitter, but turn it and it's a blue-undertoned pink with a golden overtone, sparkling in gold and purple!"

Magic Violet- "A soft and sumptuous light violet/blue with a strong pink to copper color shifting sheen that looks nearly green at some angles."

Moxy- "A medium dark grey base loaded with tons of blue, pink, and copper sparkle, very glittery!"

Paramour- "A medium semi-matte orange with a pink overtone and pink shimmer, minimal sparkle."

Party Dress- "A sweet sweet light pink with a head-on blue brilliance that shifts to a deeper pink, dances with pink to gold shifting glimmer and bright blue sparks!"

Phlox- "A summer sky blue loaded with purple to pink to gold color shifting glitter! Striking and stunning!"

Riddle- "A very pale pink/lavender color shifter, loaded with pink to gold color shifting glitter!"

Space Dust- "Deep deep blue/black loaded with gold and purple glitter and tiny blue sparks!"

Spearmint Peppermint- "Ultra pale green to pink color shifter dancing with green/gold/aqua color shifting sparkle!"

Splendor- "Semi-metallic and highly pearly, this is a beige head on with a shift to a rich coral/salmon, charged with color changing glitter in pink to gold and blue to purple to pink!"

As Hot As It Gets- "This brilliant hot pink is loaded with pink sparkle and even has a slight violet glimmer though that was unintentional!"

 That's all the Dawn Eyes I have for now. I'm seriously considering another order soon. I absolutely love everything I get. No joke. It's always a lovely surprise. 


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dawn Eyes Cosmetic Swatches- Part 1

Purchased by me

Hi Everyone!

Today I have Dawn Eyes Cosmetics swatches for you all! I haven't made a purchase in a while (baby comes first!) and I finally decided it had been long enough! I had trouble with the website, but I sent an email to Dawn with my order. She's so sweet and her TAT is insanely fast! I made an order the night before and she had it all packed up and shipped out by the next afternoon! Love that!

All are swatched over Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me.

Northern Lights- "A deep plum base lit up with a strong teal overtone that shifts to a deep magenta purple, loaded with bright purple glitter!"

Sweetheart- "A light dusty lavender that flashes green as it turns to a lush pink! Dazzling with color changing sparkle ranging aqua to blue and pink to purple, sure to win your heart!"
The swatch of this on her website looks completely different, but the description matches my swatch...

Plumage- "Striking cobalt blue with purple nuances and a hint of green sheen, lit with bright green sparks! A bluebird in flight against an azure sky!"

Classy- "Lovely sweet fawn semi-matte base dipped in golden sparkle and blue/green/aqua color changing sparkle! Adds a touch of class to any look!"
Mimosa- "A bright robust orange, loaded with bright blue sparks!"
Imp- "Deep inky black dripping with holographic glitter!"
 Fall Glory- "A lush avocado base reflects shifting copper, pink, and gold, matched by sparkle in the same beautiful colors!"
Mossy Mauve- "Deep mauve matte base with a shimmering teal overlay, not sparkly but very lustrous!"

 High Tide- "Beautiful bright blue with a lovely lavender sheen, dripping with blue sparkle and gold to green to aqua color shifting glitter!"

Field of Dreams- "A deep brownish green that shifts to a rich plummy purple, dancing with sparkle in a rainbow of colors!"

 I'll have Part 2 soon! Keep an eye out!