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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Swatching Aromaleigh Shadows!



After speaking with Kristen (owner of Aromaleigh) and reading through multiple blog posts from others, it seems that this issue mostly lies within the Diavoli and Dryades collection since they have color-traveling pigments that can be hard to photograph if you aren't using the primer it was made for. You'll still get great results with other primers/bases, just not the exact ones from the website. If you'd like a very detailed and informative post to read about these colors/collections from Kristen, you can read it HERE!

Hi Everyone!

I decided that I should make a post on Aromaleigh eyeshadows. Not just any post, but one on how to get great color payoff.

I've seen a few people say how their swatches do not match the website's swatches. I've had the same issue in the past, but I've still had great results. When I was swatching the Diavoli collection I was having a hard time trying to capture the shifts so I asked how the website swatches were done on the Aromaleigh Facebook page.  I was told that they were done over a light layer of cream primer, but not just any cream primer, it was NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone. Ah ha! Now I was getting somewhere! 

Well, I didn't get the primer until a month or so later but it has made ALL the difference with Aromaleigh eyeshadows. I'm now getting them to look almost exactly like the website's swatches. Yay! My old method of swatching Aromaleigh shadows was either over GDE's Foil Me or ELF Eye Primer. I never knew how much of a difference it would be to use a different primer. Here's some recent quick swatches I've done. I'll link back to the product's page so you can see the product swatches on the website. If you'd like to take a look at my older Aromaleigh swatches and posts, you can find them HERE.

As stated above, these are all taken over NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone. These were taken under a daylight bulb with a Nikon D3100.

Chrysalis- "This shade is a soft greige with iridescent sparkle and shimmer. We like to think of this shade as a “veil” to wear over other colors, or on it’s own as a delicate highlight."

 Gargouille- "This color is very chromatic and ranges from rich copper to deep teal to evergreen, with copper and bright aqua iridescence."

 Keto- "has a deep grayed blue satin finish base with vivid aqua interference highlights and shimmer."

Ligeia- "a satin finish grayed wedgewood blue base with a strong shimmering gold highlight duochrome."
 Starling- "This shade is warm black frost with a strong orange/copper duochrome."
 Sublime- "This shade is a beautiful duochrome with tones of peacock blue, jade green, chartreuse, aqua and gold."
 Unorthodox- "This shade is a a soft warm beige with a vibrant turquoise duochrome."
 Abattoir- "This shade is a muted copper frost with a strong blue duochrome shift."
 Aido Hwedo-"a cool mocha frost with a strong green to blue shifting effect, and green sparks."
 Azimuth- "It has a taupe base, but a strong blue/green duochrome effect."
 Betelgeuse- "This shade is a warm brown frost sheen with very strong duochrome that goes from green to chartreuse to gold, with a cool green highlight sparkle."
I think my swatches are extremely similar to the website's swatches now (the way that I wanted). You can use glitter bases/sticky bases, but it will sometimes make the duochrome effects muted but will make it a nice and rich jeweled tone. I hope this helps some of you! I knew it took me a while playing around with different bases to finally realize I should just ask!

You can purchase these shadows and many more from the links (names) within the product descriptions or HERE!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Femme Fatale Cosmetics- Handful of Treats Collection


Hi All!

Today I have for you Femme Fatale's Handful of Treats Collection! I have been wanting this collection since it first came out in 2012 and finally I purchased it off someone's de-stash sale earlier this year. Of course a few months later FFC dropped their shipping prices to the US, oh well! At least I can get full sizes now, because, I totally need full sizes in all of these colors. You'll see what I mean.

All are swatched over ELF Glitter Primer.

Pumpkin Shrine- "It is a bright lime/grassy green with orange duochrome shimmer."

 Candied Apple- "It’s a pale redwood pink with a green duochrome, and blends out to have an almost brown undertone to it."

 Naga Mask- "It is a very soft turquoise with teal tones, and subtle blue shimmer."

 Spearmint Candy- "It is a VERY pale lavender (which applies with a slight pink tone) with a frosty silver/green/blue colour-shifting finish. The base colour may disappear slightly on some lighter skin tones especially if Spearmint Candy is not worn over a primer."

 Sour Suckerpop- "It is a very pale lemon shade with a frosty blue duochrome finish. The base colour may disappear slightly on some lighter skin tones especially if Sour Suckerpop is not worn over a primer."

The Masquerade- "In the jar it looks like a  soft, silvery grey with very subtle pink shimmer, yet when applied the base comes out more purple/blue and the pink shift is also more noticeable."

 Witchberry- "Witchberry is a delicate vanilla-golden shade with a very subtle violet duochrome, and is a cross between Golden Lotus (Illuminator) and Archangel (eye shadow). This is an illuminator. "

L to R: Pumpkin Shrine, Candied Apple, Naga Mask, Spearmint Candy, Sour Suckerpop, The Masquerade and Witchberry.

I'm not sure why my camera made my skin look insanely tan with Pumpkin Shrine. I tried to fix it, but I didn't want to mess with the swatch color. Anyway, yes to every color in this collection, especially Candied Apple, Spearmint Candy and Sour Suckerpop. Candied Apple is lip safe, so I may be making it into a gloss! I think it would be amazing!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Spirit Day look

Hi Everyone!

As many of you know, today is Spirit Day! Spirit Day is a day in which people who support gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth and are against the bullying, wear purple. I remember wearing purple on this day during high school and ever since then, so it's a cause that I support.

Glamour Doll Eyes has a group on Facebook and Vee (the owner) was running a sort of contest and asked everyone who is in support of Spirit Day to wear purple in their looks for the entire day.

This is my look! I haven't publicly posted a look in years because I never felt they were good enough, but I decided today was the day and it was for a great cause! All colors are Glamour Doll Eyes.

Products used:
-Elf Eyeshadow Primer
- LA Colors Liner in black
- Makeup Forever mascara
- Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me!
- Glamour Doll Eyes Silhouette for lid
- Glamour Doll Eyes All Nighter for crease and blended upwards
- Glamour Doll Eyes Stellar for crease
- Glamour Doll Eyes Cloud Coverage up to brow
- Glamour Doll Eyes Unsuspecting Victim Glitter in crease
- Glamour Doll Eyes Trophy Wife as liner on lower lash

I hope these aren't horrible! I really like what I put together!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics- Secret Garden Collection

Contest Winnings


Last year Dawn from Dawn Eyes Cosmetics was running contests to name mini collections and I won this one! I received 5 full sizes of my choice and 5 samples. I had completely forgot about these and I found them last week going through my makeup collection. I'm not sure why I skipped over these, some of the colors are gorgeous! 

All are swatched over Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me!

Gilded- A medium brown with a gold overlay with pink sparkles.
*Not available on the website*

 Miss or Hit- "Sassy red based purple swimming in silver glitter!"

 Pollen Prism- "A lovely gold with a green cast, loaded with holographic glitter!"

 Green Tourmaline- "A complex green sporting a pinkish sheen and a teal shift, dancing with golden glitter and color shifting sparkle that runs gold to teal."

 Tawny- "A burgundy pink with a slight shift to an orange overtone, drenched in bright pink sparkle!"

 Well Kept Secret- "Brilliant bright orange with a pink cast glittering with golden and color shifting glitter that goes from pink to gold!"

 Aquifer- A dark green, almost leaning towards teal with red glitter
*Not available on the website*

Fountain- "A brilliant blue with a golden and green tinge to it, loaded with bright blue and green glitter!"

 Pink Poodle Parade- "A bright and happy medium pink, sparkling with pretty pink shimmers!"

 Forged Silver- "A muted pewter, graced with tiny flecks of gold and violet!"

I will say, Pollen Prism and Aquifer were VERY nice surprises. I tried my best to show off the holographic glitter within Pollen Prism. I didn't expect the red glitter in Aquifer. It reminds me of a color from a discontinued company that I liked, so I'm glad I have it! Gilded and Aquifer are no longer available, but Dawn is amazing and will sometimes recreate colors if she has the ingredients and is asked. Recreations are only available in full sizes and are a dollar more than her normal cost for full sizes. If you cannot check out through the website, just send Dawn a message with your order. She's amazingly fast at replying! 

You can order this collection HERE!