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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics- Rising Sun, Seaweed, etc. (Part 3)

Hi Everyone!

I realize this post is long past due, sorry about that. I haven't been feeling well, but hopefully this will kick-start more blogging from me.

All swatches are over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base.

My Little Pony- "Light poodle pink pearl loaded with silver sparks, and more subtle sparks of violet and pale green, sweet and feminine!"

Electrified- "Bright electric blue base with a strong purple/pink overtone that has a slight shift to gold, littered with pink/purple/aqua color-shifting glimmers."

Hellenic Fire- "Gorgeous red based orange with a strong golden overtone, naturally shimmering but no added sparkle!"

Tropic Reef- "Brilliant green/aqua loaded with color-shifting sparkle that runs aqua to purple! Fun and fabulous!"

Seaweed- "Lush and bright yet deep green, loaded with brilliant blue and green glitter! Stunning and fresh!"

Stormfront- "A lovely lavender/grey sparkling with blue and golden gleams! Strong yet soft!"

Extraordinary- "A lovely pink base glows aqua then deep pink then deep coral, sparkling with aqua to purple to pink color-shifting glimmers."

Rising Sun- "A lovely pink/orange shifting to a golden/orange, with beautiful pink/coral/gold color-shifting sparkle. "

Seaflower- "Forest green shifting to deep teal then on to rich dark blue, dripping with color-shifting glitter that ranges purple/pink to gold. "

I really love Electrified, Tropic Reef, Seaweed and Seaflower!