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Monday, August 25, 2014

Aromaleigh Swatches

Giveaway Prize

Hi Everyone!

A few weeks ago I saw that Aromaleigh was running their weekly contest on Facebook and I thought I'd join in the fun! Well, I WON! I was quickly sent 4 full size shadows of my choice along with 4 samples. At this point I had never purchased from Aromaleigh but I did have a sample from a long time ago.

I'm not sure why I never made a purchase. Maybe they just weren't on my radar at the time? I don't know, but I'm hooked now! I've already made another order after this prize was sent (that order arrived very quickly and was packaged nicely; I'll have swatches of those soon). Anyway, I love how Aromaleigh shows their inspiration for their colors (for most collections). Being an Honors art student all though high school and still loving art, I love seeing how they interpret paintings into eyeshadows. All of these shadows applied nicely and blended well. No issues at all.

All are swatched over Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me!

Kirke- "a deep muted teal satin finish base with a very strong metallic copper highlight duochrome."
 OKEANIDES (Daughters of Oceanus) Eyeshadow Collection

 Manners & Etiquette- "A wickedly vibrant lime green with strong gold tones and a smattering of deep sapphire sparkles."
Ever in Your Favor Collection

Thetis- "a muted lilac satin finish base with a glowing reddish metallic duochrome effect."
  OKEANIDES (Daughters of Oceanus) Eyeshadow Collection

 Unorthodox- "This shade is a a soft warm beige with a vibrant turquoise duochrome."
 THIS IS MY DESIGN collection

Jรถrmungandr- " It's very chameleon-like. While it looks purplish in the jar, it goes on as a deep smoked navy blue with a strong coppery red metallic shift."
 SERPENS eyeshadow collection

 Starling- "This shade is warm black frost with a strong orange/copper duochrome. Appears as a chocolate brown in photographs, must see in person!"
THIS IS MY DESIGN collection

 Galatea- "a satin-finish pale cream, with a strong pink/violet iridescent duochrome effect."
 OKEANIDES (Daughters of Oceanus) Eyeshadow Collection

 Keto-"a deep grayed blue satin finish base with vivid aqua interference highlights and shimmer."
 OKEANIDES (Daughters of Oceanus) Eyeshadow Collection

I think it should be noted that swatches will look different from the website when swatched over different bases. Here is a bit of information from Aromaleigh's website: "IMPORTANT APPLICATION TIP: These colors are all swatched over a light layer of cream eyeshadow primer. If you do not use a primer, you will not see the effects. A primer is necessary to bring the highlight/duochrome effects out of the satin (almost matte) base. Using these with no primer will result in very muted effects.".

What are your favorite colors? I absolutely love them all. Unorthodox is AMAZING in person, unfortunately my camera could not pick up the blue shifts as well as I'd like. I should probably try again on my DSLR and see if that works.
More Aromaleigh swatches coming soon!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Glamour Doll Eyes Deadly Hollywood Collection

Press Samples

Hi Everyone!

The always lovely Vanessa from Glamour Doll Eyes was kind enough to send me the Deadly Hollywood collection to swatch! The collection launches tomorrow (August 18th) and has two parts to it: The Socialite part and the Outcast part. The entire collection will consist of 6 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 2 gel liners, 1 Hydraglaze and 1 glitter tube! I unfortunately do not have the gel liners to show you but I do have everything else!

All are swatched over Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me!


Corruption (Eye Shadow)- is a dark matte brown base with a red sheen and a gold sparkle.

 Dirty Mistress (Eye Shadow)- is a bright red base with a pink shift and a beautiful rainbow sparkle. 

 Overdose (Eye Shadow)- is a light to medium gray with an orange and red shift and a strong blue sparkle. 

 Victim of Deceit (Glitter Tube)- is a mix of black, silver and red glitter. Hollywood Undead - Been to Hell. 

 Ms. Monroe (Blush)- is a soft creamy peach with a red and pink shift. 
*Left swatch is built up, right swatch is blended out. Swatched over bare skin*


 Celebrity Sighting (Eye Shadow)- is an opaque satin white with a coppery red sheen and a strong red sparkle. 

 Espionage (Eye Shadow)- is matte black base with a red shift and intense silver sparkle. 

 Pollution (Eye Shadow)- is a light beige with a low sheen, a copper and orange shift and a very subtle golden shimmer.

 Hollywood Affair (Blush)- is a darken rose/mauve with golden pink shimmers.
 *Left swatch is built up, right swatch is blended out. Swatched over bare skin*

 Homicide (HydraGlaze)- is a matte, true red gloss with a buttercream scent. 

All of these applied extremely well and were smooth. No issues what-so-ever.  The HydraGlaze was not sticky in the slightest and was not drying. I'm kind of new to lip swatches, so I hope my photo isn't horrible! If you'd like more info and to purchase, you can find everything here!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wonderland Beauty Cosmetics Review and Swatches

Press samples
Hi All!

I recently had the chance to swatch some colors for Wonderland Beauty Cosmetics and I thought everyone should see how gorgeous these colors are!

Here's a little bit of information from the website: "Our mineral makeup is hand blended and 100% cruelty free, no animal testing . Most of my products are vegan friendly, those that aren't will say so in listing. Eyeshadows are eye, face, nail, and lip safe unless stated otherwise. All products are made,/prepared in a clean sterile environment,all tools used are sanitized before each use .I always wear gloves and mask for your safety and mine."

Wonderland Beauty Cosmetics are a new company that I've seen around in some of the Facebook groups I'm in, so I was happy to swatch and see how the products were. I was actually pretty blown away by how different they look from the website and in the baggies. They were easy to blend, easy to apply and were very pigmented. No patchiness what-so-ever.

Sample sizes in baggies (over 1/4 tsp) are $1.30 and full sizes (2.7-3 grams) are $3.25 which are very reasonable prices for the amount you receive. Right now from what I can tell, samples have handwritten labels and full sizes have cute labels. The handwritten labels do not have the ingredients listed, but it does state if they are lip safe or not. The ingredients are listed on the companies Etsy, so it wasn't a problem for me. The only issue I've seen (for some) is the handwritten labels. I personally have no problem with this, but I think printed labels would be a nice touch.

Enough writing, ON TO THE SWATCHES! :)

All are swatched over GDE's Foil Me!

Cheshire- "a shimmery pinky purple with a hint of blue and a ton of aqua, pink, blue, and purple sparkles. It is NOT Vegan and NOT lip safe." 

 Chocolate Heart- "a shimmery deep chocolate brown with a red/pink color shift and red sparkles. It is Vegan and lip safe."

 Hardly Alice- "a gorgeous shimmery purple with a ton of green sparkles! . It is NOT Vegan and NOT lip safe."

 Hatter's Toxic Tea- "a shimmery mid toned teal green full of aqua and orange sparkles. It is NOT Vegan and NOT lip safe."

 Maddly Hatted- "reddish brown with a green duochrome and lots of sparkles. It is Vegan and NOT lip safe."

 Mermaid Tears- "a shimmery blue with a green /yellow duochrome and lots of sparkles . It is Vegan and NOT lip safe."

 Mermaid- "a shimmery aqua green with duochromes of blue, green, and yellow sparkles."

Morpheus- " a dark shimmery blue with black undertones and aqua sparkles. It is Vegan and lip safe."

 Pink Rabbit- "a shimmery hot pink with multi colored glitter depending on the light . It is NOT Vegan and it is lip safe."

 True Love- "a shimmery pink mauve with golden sparkles. It is NOT Vegan and NOT lip safe."

True Love, Hatter's Toxic Tea and Cheshire surprised me the most. In the baggie they looked a tad bit boring but once I started swatching I was amazed by how they looked! I think this company has A LOT of potential and should be on your radar!