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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Innocent and Twisted Alchemy's September 2015 Sub

Sent for review

Hi Everyone!

I've been super busy and haven't been able to post much lately, but that will be changing soon! I have lots of new things to post! The first thing being this month's Innocent and Twisted Subscription! The always lovely Linda sent me this month's sub to swatch and review and I'm so insanely glad she did, because I would have absolutely HATED to miss out on these colors! 

This month's theme was Predator! I've never seen the movies, but I know about them. The colors seemed to stay within the duochrome range this time and Linda did an amazing job with these! As soon as I opened the package, I kept staring at Cold & Dirty. You'll see why in my swatches! All of these applied smoothly. No dragging, no patchiness, no fallout after application, just an all around great formula to work with! This month's other indies that were included were samples from Dark Matter Makeup, The Chequered Lily, Abyssal Realm and Spectrum Cosmetics

All swatches are done over ELF Glitter Primer with the exception of the Abyssal Realm sample; that is over bare skin.

 Cold & Dirty- A bright green shift over a brownish purple base with lots of shifts depending on the angle of light.

Marked By The Kill- "Red-Orange that has an orange duochrome."
 Unblooded Hunt- A grey base with a blue shift

Trophies of Man- A blackened base with a green shift and a few purple sparkles 

Dark Matter Makeup- Xenomorph- This color was made exclusively for this month's theme. It's a darkened base with purple and gold glitter.

The Chequered Lily- The Ringmaster- "Velvety Brick Red with Strong Red Iridescence & Gold Sparkles."
Abyssal Realm- Awaken- A medium matte brown with a few white sparkles

Spectrum Cosmetics- Voodoo Lipgloss- "a beautiful dark blackened purple lip gloss, with LOTS of sparkle!"
The lipgloss was applied with a lip brush. I'm a bit heavy handed with my application. The lipgloss is nice, but it will smear. This color is absolutely beautiful, but I don't think I can personally pull this off. I applied the Abyssal Realm sample over bare skin because with matte eyeshadows, sometimes your primer can change the color a bit. It applied nicely over bare skin though. The Dark Matter Makeup sample came in a cute plastic vial. While I love the packaging, it's a bit of a pain to get any of the product out. Just a little thing that may matter to some!

Overall, I'm in LOVE with this month's sub! It was extremely well put together and the colors are phenomenal. I would love to see a whole collection of Alien vs. Predator. Hopefully that can be a thing in the future? :)



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