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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LA Colors Palettes- Circus and Ocean Breeze


So I have two LA Colors palettes I bought.  One is Circus and the other is Ocean Breeze.  Overall, I like these palettes for the money.  I got them for $1.50 each, which isn't too bad.  I've yet to apply them to my eyes, but they were smooth and rich when I was swatching them.  I've applied them over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk.

 Circus (Swatched the purple before I took this!)

 Ocean Breeze

Top is the Circus palette. Bottom is the Ocean Breeze palette.

They are both shimmery and sort of metallic, so if you like those types of eyeshadow, you should check these out.  The only thing I didn't like, and this is pretty minor, is with the Ocean Breeze palette, it seems like there is a little gold shimmery overlay on the colors, but once you swatch it or use it, it disappears. Overall this is pretty decent for the price and if you happen to like the colors, go for it!

You can find these palette and many more HERE.

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