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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kiss My Sass Cosmetics

So I saw Kiss My Sass cosmetics a while back, at the time I didn't have much money so I waited on it. A few months ago I finally ordered and I'm so glad I did. I absolutely LOVE the colors. I have a big obsession with duochrome/shimmery colors and there are so many! I bought a few samples and put them in my own 3gram jars. My samples came in baggies, but I think it has since been switched over to samples in jars (I can't find the samples I bought, so I'm assuming since I can only find the jars).

The color payoff is great. I didn't get patches and over primer it looks great and lasts for hours.

Photos are swatched wet unless noted.

(From left to right Reign Over Me, Spellbound, Sleepy Hollow, Tattoo Shop, Piercing Parlor, Broken Hearted
Swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion)

Reign Over Me- A medium dusty sort of purple with hints of blue with turquoise and pink shimmer.

Spellbound- A sort of light purple with green shimmer.

Sleepy Hollow- A medium grey with copper/orange shimmer.

Tattoo Shop- A rich black with a lot of purple and blue sparkles.

Piercing Parlor- A light/medium grey with a silver sheen

Broken Hearted- A red/pink color with gold sheen.

I actually used Spellbound with a look I did the other day and I had a lot of compliments. It was smooth, very easy to apply and blended well.

You can purchase these colors from Kiss My Sass Cosmetics. They come in different sizes and prices range from samples in jars for $2 and full size jars for $5. Each color is linked to it's page in the descriptions.

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