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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics (Part 4)

Here is the fourth and final part to the random Darling Girl Cosmetics swatches.

Here are some things to keep in mind when reading the shade descriptions (these are taken from the Darling Girl Cosmetics page):

"Spectral Shifts are silky, sheer, iridescent, multipurpose shades that can be used as eye shadow, face highlighters, or depending on your complexion, blush.  Don't let the colors fool you -- the shift makes them very wearable."
"Diamond Dust eye shadows are made with a super-lustrous glitter that shines like, well... diamonds. Pictures cannot do them justice."

 Persuasion- "A gorgeous, medium lavender base with gold shift and turquoise sparkles." This shade is a Diamond Dust.

Morbid Angel- "A smokey lilac taupe with just the barest hint of green iridescence." This shade is a Spectral Shift.

Pixi Purple- "A soft wash of red/violet with green duochrome." I personally do not catch any green duochrome, maybe it can be seen in different lights.

Now that I have looked at the website and its swatches of Little Miss Sunshine, I do not believe this is the same color. I have NO idea what color I have but it isn't Little Miss Sunshine. My sample is a gold color also. Any idea of what this color is would be awesome!

Midnight Sea- "A rich, matte, royal purple base with turquoise shift."

Again, I do not think the swatch of Little Miss Sunshine is correct with its name.  I really don't know what color it could be.

Comet- "A stunning, matte wine base with a strong aqua/green shift and pink shimmer." Comet is part of the Darling Deer Christmas Collection.

Dragon's Breath- "A sheer, black base with gold shift and green/gold "diamond dust" glitter."

Jack's Lantern- "A deep black base with a fiery red/orange shift. The combination looks like a blackened purple, especially when foiled." Jack's Lantern is part of the Darling Ghoul Halloween Collection.

That's all of the random swatches I have. I do have the Darling Girl Rainbow Brite Collection so that should be up soon!


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