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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics- The Pastel Kisses Collection


This will be a quick swatch post. I've been having troubles with my computer and it not connecting to any of our wireless signals. I tried everything and at the moment it is working (knock on wood!). So I'm trying to get this post in before it goes out again (if it does). I've also been having camera trouble. It's always something. I have tried to take photos of this collection at least 3 times. I'll probably try to one more time though. :)

So I won the naming contest for this collection. I absolutely love the colors. I'd have to say Dayglow, Butterfly Kisses and The Fire Within are my favorites from this collection. On to the photos!

All are swatched over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer and in indirect sunlight.

-Pinkoral- "Brilliant pink/coral/gold color shifter, dancing with pink to gold color shifting sparkle."

-Prelude-"Lovely purple with a beautiful pink shift, dancing with color shifting glitter from blue to purple to pink."

-Orangesicle-"Pretty, soft yet bright, orange lit with golden and pink sparkle, sweet as the old fashioned ice cream treat!"

-Dayglow-"A light blue/lavender with a strong pink/gold shift, glimmering with pink to gold sparkle."

-Crystal Dawn-"Pale pale beige with pink/coral/copper overtones, sparkling with pink, blue, and copper twinkles."

-Butterfly Kisses-"A very pale blue with the slightest subtle hint of lavender shift, with color-shifting glitter that runs blue/purple/pink."

-Blue Horses-"Beautiful green with a strong aqua shift, even bordering on lavender, loaded with bright aqua sparkle."

-Molten-"Beautiful neutral with sparks of green, violet, and blue."

-The Fire Within-"A lovely cream with a fiery pink/coral/gold shift, laced with tiny golden sparks."

-Wild Turkey-"Dark deep brown with strong shifts in green and pink, dripping with color-shifting glitter that goes aqua to blue to purple/pink."

The only issue I had was that I couldn't catch a shift at all within Wild Turkey. It was a color I was looking most forward to. Maybe if I try it over another base I'll get better results.

If you'd like to purchase any of these colors, you can find them HERE!


*I was provided these colors for free since I won the naming contest. All statements are my honest thoughts.  

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