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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Pretty Zombie- Random Swatches

Purchased- PHOTO HEAVY


I'm back with even more My Pretty Zombie swatches! These are just some random colors I picked up with my last order. 

All are swatched over GDE's Foil Me!

Tenderloin- "red plum with blue shimmer"

 Brisket- "copper with a red to gold shift"

Bleu- "midnight blackened blue with blue green shimmer"

 Fatback- "pale pink with golden shimmer"

Wicked Crochet- "a dusty lavender with enough green glitter to make you puke!"
*I had an issue trying to get the glitter to stick. I used a sticky base, but I guess I had let it dry too much, so you will need a sticky base that isn't fully dry to get the glitter to stick.*

Law Firm Lamb Cake- "a pink shimmer base and enough pastel multi colored glitter"
*Like Wicket Crochet, you will need a not fully dry sticky base to hold the glitter in this*
Gangrenous- "starts as a dark lavender and switches to a glossy green depending on the light and the angle"
 Grandma Cleavage- "a cornflower crayon blue with a gold shift."

 Thunderpants- "a mossy brownish bronze with tons of teal glitter"
 Quinsy- "spring green with a blue sheen"

 Lulu Cupcake- "fluffy pink with tons of pink glitter"

 Thundernuts- "Light brown with a sweet ass blue shift"

L to R- Tenderloin, Brisket, Bleu and Fatback

 L to R- Wicked Crochet, Law Firm Lamb Cake, Gangrenous, Grandma Cleavage

L to R- Thunderpants, Quinsy, Lulu Cupcake, Thundernuts

Whewww! That was a lot of swatches, hope you're still looking at this by now! :) I was absolutely blown away by my entire order from MPZ. I knew what to expect from the colors, but they're just so much better in real life. I have to say my favorites out of this bunch are Brisket, Bleu, Fatback, Grandma Cleavage and Thundernuts. All of them are amazing, those are just my absolute favorites. I'm already planning out my next order!


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