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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Glamour Doll Eyes Deadly Hollywood Collection

Press Samples

Hi Everyone!

The always lovely Vanessa from Glamour Doll Eyes was kind enough to send me the Deadly Hollywood collection to swatch! The collection launches tomorrow (August 18th) and has two parts to it: The Socialite part and the Outcast part. The entire collection will consist of 6 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 2 gel liners, 1 Hydraglaze and 1 glitter tube! I unfortunately do not have the gel liners to show you but I do have everything else!

All are swatched over Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me!


Corruption (Eye Shadow)- is a dark matte brown base with a red sheen and a gold sparkle.

 Dirty Mistress (Eye Shadow)- is a bright red base with a pink shift and a beautiful rainbow sparkle. 

 Overdose (Eye Shadow)- is a light to medium gray with an orange and red shift and a strong blue sparkle. 

 Victim of Deceit (Glitter Tube)- is a mix of black, silver and red glitter. Hollywood Undead - Been to Hell. 

 Ms. Monroe (Blush)- is a soft creamy peach with a red and pink shift. 
*Left swatch is built up, right swatch is blended out. Swatched over bare skin*


 Celebrity Sighting (Eye Shadow)- is an opaque satin white with a coppery red sheen and a strong red sparkle. 

 Espionage (Eye Shadow)- is matte black base with a red shift and intense silver sparkle. 

 Pollution (Eye Shadow)- is a light beige with a low sheen, a copper and orange shift and a very subtle golden shimmer.

 Hollywood Affair (Blush)- is a darken rose/mauve with golden pink shimmers.
 *Left swatch is built up, right swatch is blended out. Swatched over bare skin*

 Homicide (HydraGlaze)- is a matte, true red gloss with a buttercream scent. 

All of these applied extremely well and were smooth. No issues what-so-ever.  The HydraGlaze was not sticky in the slightest and was not drying. I'm kind of new to lip swatches, so I hope my photo isn't horrible! If you'd like more info and to purchase, you can find everything here!


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