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Monday, December 29, 2014

Notoriously Morbid Swatches Part 1

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Hi Everyone!

How did your holiday go? Mine went great although my brain is still a bit fried from everything and New Years isn't even here yet! Oh well, I'll be okay!

I'm not sure how many parts I'll have since I have quite a few more swatches to re-do. These are once again line swatches since I didn't like how the circle swatches looked for some of the colors. The first swatch of the color will be over ELF Glitter Primer and the second swatch will be over NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone. There was no problem with the application of these! They all applied smoothly and blended well.

Cermet & Paesh. Gift with purchase during Black Friday. As with the A Murder Of Crows collection, Cermet & Paesh was in the square jars that were messy. This is after clean up. I love the label art though!
Cermet & Paesh over ELF Glitter Primer
Cermet & Paesh over NYX Eyeshadow Base
 Cermet & Paesh- Gift With Purchase- A cool toned blackened grey/silver with multicolored sparkles.

Compton over ELF Glitter Primer
Compton over NYX Eyeshadow Base
Compton- This was part of the November Vanishing Cabinet called Deadlove. It was available for purchase during Black Friday sales. It's a medium olive base with a strong gold overlay.

Autumn Flower over ELF Glitter Primer
Autumn Flower over NYX Eyeshadow Base
Autumn Flower- "A regal dusty purple with a gorgeous blue/green shift."

Evil Eye over ELF Glitter Primer
Evil Eye over NYX Eyeshadow Base
 Evil Eye- "A salmony pink with popping yellow shift and shimmer."

Hallelujah over ELF Glitter Primer
Hallelujah over NYX Eyeshadow Base
 Hallelujah- "A sepia brown with a heavenly blue shift."

I Wanna Do Girly Stuff over ELF Glitter Primer
I Wanna Do Girly Stuff over NYX Eyeshadow Base
 I Wanna Do Girly Stuff- "A vibrant Barbie pink with just the right amount of girlyness."

Mother & Earth over ELF Glitter Primer
Mother & Earth over NYX Eyeshadow Base
 Mother & Earth- "A muddy brown with mutiple green shimmers and glitters, topped with gold sparkles."

Visions over ELF Glitter Primer
Visions over NYX Eyeshadow Base
 Visions- "A bright peach with electric yellow to green shift."

Morbid Mistakes Empty Graves over ELF Glitter Primer
Morbid Mistakes Empty Graves over NYX Eyeshadow Base
 Morbid Mistakes-Empty Graves- This was a free sample that was sent along with my order. I'm assuming it's a color that was made by mistake? I'm not sure, but I actually really like it! Empty Graves is a taupeish silver with multicolored sparkles.

Walkin' On Sunshine over ELF Glitter Primer
Walkin' On Sunshine over NYX Eyeshadow Base
Walkin' On Sunshine- "A dymanic heliotrope purple with a strong aqua shift."

Water & Intuition over ELF Glitter Primer
Water & Intuition over NYX Eyeshadow Base
 Water & Intuition- "A vibrant, ocean green with aqua blue shimmer."

Wayward Son over ELF Glitter Primer
Wayward Son over NYX Eyeshadow Base
 Wayward Son- "An airy pale blue with a light green shift.
**This color performs best over a sticky base.**"
 The website says it performs best over a sticky base, but I think I actually prefer it over NYX Eyeshadow Base. ELF Glitter Primer kind of washes out the blue color.

I've gotta say, I really do love all of these colors! It seems like most of the colors perform a lot better over NYX Eyeshadow Base, but you can get two very different looks depending on what base you use. You can purchase most of these on Notoriously Morbid's website!


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  1. I am in love with Autumn Flower, Walkin' on Sunshine and Water & Intuition. So much.