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Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Quick Update!


I thought I'd just make a quick update. I've spoken about this a few times, but I never did it. Soon I'll be featuring a few mainstream brands on here. I hope that no one hates me for it! I started out trying to blog about bigger brands, but indie slowly took over my life, if you can't tell! In no way do I hate it at all and indie products will still be a huge part of this blog, I just felt like I should include some mainstream brands/products that I enjoy and would like to review. Right now I have a few NYX lipsticks to blog about and the Sugarpill Sweet Heart palette (not sure where they stand; bigger indie or mainstream? I'm not sure). There's probably a few more things but I'm forgetting them.

Also, yes! I will eventually get up the other parts to the Notoriously Morbid swatch posts. I still need to reswatch them. I'm a little bit behind on blogging, sorry about that! I've been somewhat busy in the last few weeks with my personal life (nothing bad) so I'm trying to play catch up!

I'll also be blogging more on my nail blog: ArtisticShadows Nail Blog . I put it off for WAY too long. So just keep an eye out for more posts in the future!

I *think* that's it! I feel like I'm forgetting some stuff lol. Thanks for being a reader/fan! I truly appreciate it! I never thought I'd even have a somewhat successful blog (successful as in more than 5 readers). It's a great feeling and I have you all to thank! So, thanks for being awesome! :)


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  1. I like a mix of indie and mainstream! Blog about what you love! :)