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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics- Spring 2012: Flora & Fauna Collection Swatches

I picked up a few of these colors with my last order and I was given samples of most of the others from this collection. This is NOT the complete collection. I'm missing: Lily of the Valley, Bluebell, Rununculus and Morpho Menelaus. I've really gotta get those that I don't have. I hate not having a complete collection! Anyway, on to the swatches!

All are swatched over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer in sunlight.

Poppy-"Bright, brilliant, hot orange with a red heart and a golden glaze. Dripping with color-shifting sparkles that range blue/aqua/violet and pink/gold." 

 Water Lily- "Dusty medium green lies under a fine pale pink patina, very pearly and sometimes tinged with violet. Bright glitter with a range of color from blue to aqua to violet, aqua the most prominent, darts through it like dragonflies!" 

Redbud-"A bright metallic beige with the barest hint of green, loaded with color-shifting sparkle of pink/violet to copper/gold. In direct light it looks very beige overlaid with pink, but the color changes subtly at the right angle."

Crocus-"Bright Royal purple head on, glittering with purple sparkle. Change the angle to a deep plum, glittering with gold. And is that a flash of violet/pink glitter over medium dark purple satin in the other direction? Why yes, it is all of those things!"
Peony-" Bright peony pink loaded with green and aqua shimmer to the point where it's almost a patina! Pearly rather than satin or metallic, bold but somehow subdued."

Azalea-" Pink, a very hot pink that at the right angle has the slightest hint of orange. With a satin finish and scattered with glitter that changes from blue to violet to pink, this brilliant shade is bold and beautiful!"

Leptotes Marina-"Another beautiful butterfly, this satiny semi-metallic deep brown, is rich, luxurious, and very sparkly with the blue/aqua/purple color-shifting glitter. Perfect for a stroll in a spring garden!"

 Daffodil-"Brilliant yellow gold satin, shimmering with gold and silver sparkle, like the bright sunlight of an early Spring afternoon."

Green Tulip-"A sassy medium green loaded with color-shifting sparkle that runs from pink/violet to copper/gold with hints of blue. This shade look almost coppery from certain angles. Very pretty and spring-like!"

Pansy-"A rich medium dark purple satin, sporting beautiful green/gold and bright pink glitter in abundance. A good color for a smokey eye with some pizzaz!"


All of the formulas with these are great. I had no problems what-so-ever. If you'd like to purchase these, they are on clearance and can be found HERE!


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