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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics- The Winnie the Pooh Collection

Hi everyone!

I ordered this collection (in samples) with my Dawn Eyes Cosmetics order. I never really cared for Winnie the Pooh and all of his pals (even though I do think they are cute) so I passed over this collection a few times, but something told me to look at the swatches on the website again. I liked the colors and decided to order the collection.

I'm SO happy that I did! These colors are amazing! The application is amazing, the colors have great pigmentation, and the shimmer/glitter tops it all off. I'm just going to go ahead to the swatches so you can see what I mean!

All swatches are done over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base and padded on.

 Pooh-"A low sheen gold with a red shift overtone and bright copper glitter in 2 tones."

Eeyore-"A medium grey matte base with a glowing pink overtone and sparkling blue glitter."

Rabbit-"A pale yellow with a pink overlay and brilliant golden glitter."

Kanga & Roo-"A taupe brown with blue overtone and loaded with pink glitter."

 Christopher Robin-"A peach and blue duochrome sporting lots of golden glitter."

Tigger-"A shimmery cream base with an orange overlay and bright copper sparks."

Piglet-"A matte beige base with strong fuschia sheen and sparkling with purple gleams."
Owl-"A shimmering metallic copper tan, drenched in copper and golden glitter!"

 All of the colors are gorgeous and match the characters so well. If you'd like to buy any color individually or the entire collection, they are on clearance and you can see them HERE.


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