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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Black Rose Minerals Swatches- Part 2

Are you getting tired of Black Rose Minerals swatches yet? No? Good! There's 2 other parts to come in the next week or so. :)

All are swatched over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base.

Oracle-"A medium brown base with yellowy-green-turquoise flashes."

Shunsui- "Our shade starts with a cherry red and sparkles with pink (the color of his kimono) and aqua sparkles (the color of his fancy hair tie)."
It's Electric-"This super bright hue sparkles and shines. Wear it dry for several varying shades of blue from slightly sheer to more heavy coverage. Wear it wet for a bright metallic blue without losing any of the sparkle."
Yoruichi-" A deep blue black matte base with an overlay of violet shimmer."
Lagrimas- "This beautiful shade of aqua shimmers and shines with warm golden tones and light green highlights."

Wish You Were Here- "A sheer white base loaded with multi-colored sparkles."
Tower of Strength-" A dark red with gold sparkles."
Superstar-"A matte cornflower blue base loaded with blue sparkles."
Crazy On You- " A soft green with a golden glow reminiscent of the moonlight. And a bit of silver sparkles sprinkled throughout."
 Total Eclipse of the Heart- "A black base with a pinky orange sheen."

I think my absolute favorite out of the bunch has to be Wish You Were Here. I don't know why, but I totally did not expect the sparkles it would have. It's GORGEOUS! Runners up would be Tower of Strength, Oracle and Yoruichi.

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  1. Your swatches are beautifully done. I love Wish You Were Here too. I'm a sucker for pale pink ivory shades with sparkle.