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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Swatches- Part 2

Purchased by me

Hi All!

I can't sleep, so why not blog? 

A few days ago I posted Part 1 of my Dawn Eyes Cosmetic swatches. So here's part 2 I promised!

All are swatched over Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me.

Beauty Blossoms- "Deep magenta red base loaded with color-changing glitters from aqua/blue to pink/green!"

Beloved- "A gorgeous tealy golden blue head on dancing with gold and blue glitter, but turn it and it's a blue-undertoned pink with a golden overtone, sparkling in gold and purple!"

Magic Violet- "A soft and sumptuous light violet/blue with a strong pink to copper color shifting sheen that looks nearly green at some angles."

Moxy- "A medium dark grey base loaded with tons of blue, pink, and copper sparkle, very glittery!"

Paramour- "A medium semi-matte orange with a pink overtone and pink shimmer, minimal sparkle."

Party Dress- "A sweet sweet light pink with a head-on blue brilliance that shifts to a deeper pink, dances with pink to gold shifting glimmer and bright blue sparks!"

Phlox- "A summer sky blue loaded with purple to pink to gold color shifting glitter! Striking and stunning!"

Riddle- "A very pale pink/lavender color shifter, loaded with pink to gold color shifting glitter!"

Space Dust- "Deep deep blue/black loaded with gold and purple glitter and tiny blue sparks!"

Spearmint Peppermint- "Ultra pale green to pink color shifter dancing with green/gold/aqua color shifting sparkle!"

Splendor- "Semi-metallic and highly pearly, this is a beige head on with a shift to a rich coral/salmon, charged with color changing glitter in pink to gold and blue to purple to pink!"

As Hot As It Gets- "This brilliant hot pink is loaded with pink sparkle and even has a slight violet glimmer though that was unintentional!"

 That's all the Dawn Eyes I have for now. I'm seriously considering another order soon. I absolutely love everything I get. No joke. It's always a lovely surprise. 


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