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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Spirit Day look

Hi Everyone!

As many of you know, today is Spirit Day! Spirit Day is a day in which people who support gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth and are against the bullying, wear purple. I remember wearing purple on this day during high school and ever since then, so it's a cause that I support.

Glamour Doll Eyes has a group on Facebook and Vee (the owner) was running a sort of contest and asked everyone who is in support of Spirit Day to wear purple in their looks for the entire day.

This is my look! I haven't publicly posted a look in years because I never felt they were good enough, but I decided today was the day and it was for a great cause! All colors are Glamour Doll Eyes.

Products used:
-Elf Eyeshadow Primer
- LA Colors Liner in black
- Makeup Forever mascara
- Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me!
- Glamour Doll Eyes Silhouette for lid
- Glamour Doll Eyes All Nighter for crease and blended upwards
- Glamour Doll Eyes Stellar for crease
- Glamour Doll Eyes Cloud Coverage up to brow
- Glamour Doll Eyes Unsuspecting Victim Glitter in crease
- Glamour Doll Eyes Trophy Wife as liner on lower lash

I hope these aren't horrible! I really like what I put together!


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