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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics- Secret Garden Collection

Contest Winnings


Last year Dawn from Dawn Eyes Cosmetics was running contests to name mini collections and I won this one! I received 5 full sizes of my choice and 5 samples. I had completely forgot about these and I found them last week going through my makeup collection. I'm not sure why I skipped over these, some of the colors are gorgeous! 

All are swatched over Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me!

Gilded- A medium brown with a gold overlay with pink sparkles.
*Not available on the website*

 Miss or Hit- "Sassy red based purple swimming in silver glitter!"

 Pollen Prism- "A lovely gold with a green cast, loaded with holographic glitter!"

 Green Tourmaline- "A complex green sporting a pinkish sheen and a teal shift, dancing with golden glitter and color shifting sparkle that runs gold to teal."

 Tawny- "A burgundy pink with a slight shift to an orange overtone, drenched in bright pink sparkle!"

 Well Kept Secret- "Brilliant bright orange with a pink cast glittering with golden and color shifting glitter that goes from pink to gold!"

 Aquifer- A dark green, almost leaning towards teal with red glitter
*Not available on the website*

Fountain- "A brilliant blue with a golden and green tinge to it, loaded with bright blue and green glitter!"

 Pink Poodle Parade- "A bright and happy medium pink, sparkling with pretty pink shimmers!"

 Forged Silver- "A muted pewter, graced with tiny flecks of gold and violet!"

I will say, Pollen Prism and Aquifer were VERY nice surprises. I tried my best to show off the holographic glitter within Pollen Prism. I didn't expect the red glitter in Aquifer. It reminds me of a color from a discontinued company that I liked, so I'm glad I have it! Gilded and Aquifer are no longer available, but Dawn is amazing and will sometimes recreate colors if she has the ingredients and is asked. Recreations are only available in full sizes and are a dollar more than her normal cost for full sizes. If you cannot check out through the website, just send Dawn a message with your order. She's amazingly fast at replying! 

You can order this collection HERE!



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