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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Shiro Cosmetics Swatches Part 1



I recently purchased a ton of eyeshadows from a destash sale and the seller threw in some Shiro samples! I was so excited since I didn't have many Shiro colors. Since these were purchased from a destash sale, I cannot speak on Shiro Cosmetics TAT or communication but I've only heard EXCELLENT things about Shiro, so I think you're perfectly fine to make a purchase with no issues! Some of these colors are discontinued or the names have been changed, so I'm sorry about those! You may be able to find those you'd like in destash/blog sales if you'd like them!

All are swatched over ELF Glitter Primer.

Whiteout- "Shimmery cream, the perfect highlight."

 Wheeeeeee!- (No Longer Available) A pinkish color leaning red with gold and pink shimmer.

Baker's Boy- "Shimmery light golden brown with blue sparks."

 Ever In Your Favor- "Bubbly purple-toned magenta."

 Shield-Eater-(Formerly known as Dunsparce; No Longer Available)- A medium yellow with blue sparks.

Gengar (Now known as Not Very Effective)- "Dark purple-black with gold glitter."

 Articuno- (No longer available)- A blueish silver with green and pink sparks

Extermination- "Shimmery tan with white and red sparks."

 Poliwrath- (No Longer Available)- A purple based blue with multicolored sparks.

Vine Whip- "Bright, satiny grassy green with a hint of a gold undertone."

 Nayru's Love- "Pale, satiny blue-periwinkle."

S.S. Anne (Now known as Sweet Honey)- " Shimmery golden champagne with a light peach/copper tint."

 Slave 23- "A sheer wash of gold loaded with golden and silver sparkle."

 Star-Crossed- "Blackened coppery-brown."

 Rapidash (No Longer Available)- A peachy beige with red sparks and red shimmer.

L to R: Whiteout, Wheeeeeee!, Baker's Boy, Ever In Your Favor, Shield-Eater

L to R: Gengar, Articuno, Extermination, Poliwrath, Vine Whip

L to R: Nayru's Love, S.S. Anne, Slave 23, Star-Crossed, Rapidash

Some that stand out to me are Wheeeeeee!, Baker's Boy, Gengar, Poliwrath, Vine Whip, Star-Crossed and Rapidash.


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