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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shiro Cosmetics Swatches Part 2


Hi All!

Here's Part 2 of my Shiro swatches. If you missed or would like to see Part 1, click HERE! As with the last post, some of these are discontinued or the names have been changed, but they are still the same color. You could possibly find any that are discontinued through blog sales or destash sales. Sorry, I know I'm horrible. :(

I was going to add this note to the bottom of this post, but Blogger is being weird. It looks like some of these were just discontinued. I'M SO SORRY! Feel free to yell at me (I'm joking, please don't yell). Some of these were on the website when I was making my list of names and name changes, but now they're not and I really wanted to post these. :(

All are swatched over Elf Glitter Primer.

Rattata (Team Rocket)- "Bright purple with shimmery blue undertones."

 Vulpix (Bicycle Voucher)-No Longer Available- A rust red with gold and pink sparkle.

Spinarak (No Longer Available)- a light greenish color with a silver sheen.

A Neat Gun (No Longer Available)- A medium blue with red glitter and a white sheen.

Mockingjay- "Metallic brown-copper-bronze."

 Heart Attack (No Longer Available)- A burgundy with a pink sheen and blue sparkle

Hyper Beam (Missingno)- No Longer Available- A black with silver and light pink sparkle

Mewtwo (No Longer Available)- A medium brown with a touch of purple with pink and green sparkles

Porygon (Eye Contact)- "Bubbly bright shimmery pink."

 Budew (No Longer Available)- A yellow toned green with a golden sheen.

Epona- "Soft velvety brown with a misty cream overlay."

 More Sugar (No Longer Available)- A dark brown with a pink sheen

Spiritomb (Reverse Psychology) No Longer Available- A medium pink with multicolored sparkle.

Remake- "Shimmery gold-bronze with purple sparks."

 Unforgettable- "Hot pink-toned shimmery red with bright red sparks."

 Meowth- "Shimmery cream, the perfect highlight."

Detective- A green toned brown with multicolored sparkle

 Master Sword- "Sheer, extra-sparkly pale taupe."

 Rebellion-"Deep blue-black with green and purple shimmer."

Left to Right: Rattata, Vulpix, Spinarak, A Neat Gun, Mockingjay
Left to Right: Heart Attack, Hyper Beam, Mewtwo, Porygon, Budew
Left to Right: Epona, More Sugar, Spiritomb, Remake, Unforgettable

Left to Right: Meowth, Detective, Master Sword, Rebellion      

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