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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Notoriously Morbid- Daoine Sidhe Collection


Hi Everyone!

I recently made another Notoriously Morbid order to pick up a few Vanishing Cabinet extras and for the Daoine Sidhe Collection! There are two sides to the Daoine Sidhe collection: Seelie Court and Unseelie Court. The Seelie Court Collection is the more happy and bright side and the Unseelie Court collection is a bit more dark. The Seelie Court contains a highlighter (Power of the Fae) and the Unseelie Court contains a blush (Daoine Sidhe).

All of these were swatched over Brija Cosmetic's Adhesive Eye Wax!

Seelie Court

Fight For Beauty- "An arctic blue with an intense magenta shift. "

 Glorious Honor- "A soft lavender with green shift and lots of pink and purple shimmer."

 Love Reigns- "A salmon pink with cool blue sheen."

 Pay What You Owe- "A pale chartreuse with lots of blue sparkle."

 Power of the Fae- "An ecru white with golden shimmer. *This highlight was part of the March Vanishing Cabinet."

Unseelie Court 

Pure Passion- "A ruddy brown with gold, blue and green shimmer."

 There Is No Honor- "A slate grey with purple tone and lots of gold/pink shimmer and green sparkle."

 Chaos Reigns- "An eggplant purple with INSANE gold and green sparkle atop a slight red sheen."

 Use Your Magick- "A shamrock green with green and silver shimmer."

 Daoine Sidhe- "This blush is a warm, gingery pink in a matte finish, perfect for creating a healthy flush of color. "

I did have a little issue of patchiness with Fight For Beauty and Glorious Honor, but it could have been my base. All the rest applied like a dream! My favorites out of both collections are Glorious Honor, Love Reigns, Chaos Reigns and Use Your Magick! If you're looking for a sparkly and unique collection, this is it!

You can purchase this collection HERE!



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  1. Holy Shirt! Amazing shades. Really love the first ones.