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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy- May 2015 Sub



I know I'm a little late posting this since it's almost the end of the month. Sorry! I was out of state visiting family for a week and just got back a few days ago. This is my first time trying out I+TA's sub! I only bought a trial for this month to see how I'd like it.

Guess what? 

I LOVE IT! I think this sub is well worth your money. I opted to buy the deluxe sample trial subscription. I received 3 deluxe sized samples (mini jars) from I+TA, a mini jar from Femme Fatale Cosmetics, a sample baggie from Aromaleigh, a sample clamshell from Siren Song Cosmetics and a lipstick (in a mini jar) from Limnit Lipsticks. Oh! Also a 30% off code to I+TA's shop!

I'll have more information at the bottom of this post about pricing and where to buy!

I swatched all of these over NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skintone. Lip swatch is on bare lips.

Ripley- A medium to dark brown with a greenish silver shift.

Face Hugger- A medium gold with a gold, almost green in some lighting, sheen.

Drone- A dark green with a slight golden/green sheen.

 Aromaleigh Cosmetics- Quarantine- A sort of tarnished brown with a golden sheen.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics- Xenomorph- A dark purple with a reddish copper shift.

Siren Song Cosmetics- The Outside World- A sky blue with a slight pink shift

Limnit Lipsticks- Extraterrestrial- "Warm-Toned Brown."
*This is a light layer over bare lips. In person, this tends to be a tiny bit darker*

While swatching, I did notice that Femme Fatale's Xenomorph (I+TA sub exclusive) was very similar to Femme Fatale's Night in Werewolf Woods. I did a quick swatch to show their similarities.

Xenomorph on the left, Night in Werewolf Woods on the right.

Night in Werewolf Woods seems to have more of a copper shift, but they are pretty close. I like them both and I only have a sample of Night in Werewolf Woods, so I'm okay with it! :)

All of these colors are exclusive except The Outside World and Extraterrestrial. I believe any overstock of Ripley, Face Hugger and Drone will be sold on Innocent+Twisted Alchemy's website.

You can purchase your I+TA subscription HERE! Deluxe Samples are $12 a month within the US and $16 for international (these both include shipping). Full Sizes are $18 a month for US and $22 a month for international (both include shipping). 

Feel free to check out any of the stores listed below!


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