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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just a misc. rant.

Why is it that I try out name brand gel eyeliner (Physician's Formula) and my eye becomes all watery and annoying, but when I use my fake MAC products, nothing like this ever happens? Just goes to show you no one knows what they put in name brand stuff either.

Yes, I have knockoff MAC products I bought from Ebay before I knew all about most of the stuff being fake on there (keyword "most" not meaning "all" some people like to bitch at me for claiming they all are fake when I didn't say that).  I have the 120 palette, pigment, and eyeliner stick and besides the eyeliner, it's the best stuff I've used.  Also, before you buy MAC products on Ebay, research "fake MAC" there are some signs to spot the fakes. Also, if you'd like to read about my experience with fake MAC, you can view it here:

MAC 120 Professional Palette (Fake)
Fake MAC Cosmetics

Just research before you buy if you hate to be ripped off.  Personally, I don't mind it too much since I bought them all for a cheap price and what the wholesale price was that the buyer bought it for.  I will probably write a newer blog and show more swatches from my palette in the future. Just keep a look out!

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