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Thursday, March 31, 2011

MAC 120 Eyeshadow Palette (Fake)

Yep. I'm going to review my MAC 120 Eyeshadow Palette. It's fake and obvious now.

Let's see, where do I begin? I've heard and read hundreds of reviews and people's opinion about this palette.  It ranges from "MAC never made a 120 eyeshadow palette." to "MAC did TOO make a 120 eyeshadow palette just to sample colors." So who knows. I've also heard people say that they have called MAC stores and they will assure you they did not make one.  I honestly do not know. I'm just going to review my palette and the 1,000+ others I see selling on Ebay that look exactly like mine from anywhere in the range of $20-$256 (yep, saw it on there with another free fake MAC product for that price shipping from Australia. Mind you that didn't include shipping within the price.)  I also see people saying "Don't use it! China doesn't test their products." Then I kinda scratch my head and I'm like.... everything is made in China... So whatever. Use at your own risk I guess! Ha!

I've had this palette for about 6 months now and just never got around to swatching every one of them. I really do enjoy this palette.  Even though it's fake but I paid $33 for it on Ebay.  They colors are vibrant and come in matte, sheer, metallic, and shiny.  They are smooth to apply and a little creamy.  I'd recommend getting one, but do not get one over Ebay since the sellers overcharge for it just because it has or doesn't have a MAC sticker across the front.  Although, if you can find it for around $20-$30 then you're good. I'll actually show you my exact palette and where to buy it for retail value.

Now, I have used this palette before and never ran into any problems.  With my Urban Decay Primer Potion the eyeshadow stays on for a while (I've gotten up to 10 hours of wear before it starts to fade!).  But before you wear it out, swatch a little on your skin to see if you may be allergic.  I didn't have any problems with it, but you may or may not.  It's like that with any make-up really.

I wrote a blog a while back about this palette which includes my first impressions, unwrapping, other pictures, a few swatches and comments from others.  You can view that here:

My other review of the MAC palette

I would suggest reading that and the comments from other's before buying. I personally say go for it, but it's all a matter of your opinion! :)

Here is where you can buy this exact palette (as far as I can tell from the pictures) for retail price:

Bundle Monster Palette

Just don't fall for the overly-priced so called "MAC" palettes, pigments, etc. on Ebay.  I'm just looking out for all of you! I'll will post swatches of every color in another entry. Woo!

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