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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Aromaleigh Cosmetics Dryades Collection

Sent for review

Recently Aromaleigh posted a Facebook status looking for beauty bloggers to swatch their Dryades Collection and of course I sent over my information! I was also asked if I would like to swatch their Diavoli Collection at that time, which was reviewed by me HERE.

Here's a little information about the Dryades Collection:

"Autumn 2014 welcomes the DRYADES collection at Aromaleigh… ten dramatic duochrome shades imbued with the tones of Fall’s splendor. Dryads and Hamadryads were the Greek nymphs of the forests and trees. These colors were all inspired by specific Dryads or groups of Dryads, and incredible classic paintings portraying them."

These are indeed duochromes and some have a traveling shift in color. I have swatched these over Glamour Doll Eyes' Foil me and Elf's Eye Primer since different bases can give these a completely different look. These applied smoothly without any issues. 

Daphnis over Foil Me
Daphnis over Elf primer
Daphnis- "a rich chestnut brown with a vibrant color traveling duochrome that shifts from blue to teal to green."

Byblis over Foil Me
Byblis over Elf primer
 Byblis- "an exquisite warm green with a very strong red/copper duochrome."

Pitys over Foil Me
Pitys over Elf primer
 Pitys- "is extremely unusual- it will look different in just about every lighting condition due to the strong color traveling multichrome effect. It has a chestnut-purple plush base, with color shifting effects of chartreuse to gold to green."

Hesperides over Foil Me
Hesperides over Elf Primer
 Hesperides- "a plush terracotta shade with a strong golden to chartreuse color traveling duochrome."

Othreis over Foil Me
Othreis over Elf primer
 Othreis- "a beautiful, delicate gold to green color traveling duochrome in a plush matte fawn base."

Dryope over Foil Me
Dryope over Elf Primer
Dryope- "a beautiful fall-toned shade with color traveling duochrome effects. This color is a real chameleon- it shifts from chestnut to brownish green, while the duochrome overlay shifts from red to aqua!"

Kraneia over Foil Me
Kraneia over Elf Primer
Kraneia- "a deep breen (brown-green) with a strong red to violet duochrome..."

Kyllene over Foil Me
Kyllene over Elf Primer
 Kyllene- "a warm medium brown plush matte base with a brilliant green to teal duochrome"

Ekho over Foil Me
Ekho over Elf Primer
 Ekho- "a soft warm carmel shade, with a lively verdant duochrome."

Heliades over Foil Me
Heliades over Elf Primer
 Heliades- "a warm golden tan with a very strong red to copper duochrome effect."

All over Foil Me. From L to R: Daphnis, Byblis, Pitys, Hesperides and Othreis
All over Foil Me. From L to R: Dryope, Kraneia, Kyllene, Ekho and Heliades

I really enjoy all of these colors. I think they are the perfect shades to wear during the Autumn season! Each color in this collection perfectly portrays the artwork they were inspired by (those can be found on each color's listing). This collection is permanent, so no need to rush before they're all gone! I think I may need to get a few full sizes of some of these colors since I can see myself wearing them regularly!

You can find the entire Dryades Collection HERE



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