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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Aromaleigh- Anthousai Collection Swatches

Press Samples

Hi Everyone!

Recently Aromaleigh Cosmetics released their Anthousai collection which is based off of  "the Greek Flower Nymphs, and stories of their metamorphoses into flowers and plants. Each shade is inspired by a particular nymph, and a beautiful Pre-Raphaelite painting."

This collection features the new eyeshadow formula. If you haven't tried Aromaleigh's newest formula, I highly suggest doing so. It is buttery smooth and applies and blends like an absolute dream! There's no sheerness or fallout that I've experienced. The new formula is also amazing over bare skin, if you prefer wearing your eyeshadows that way!

All are swatched over NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skintone.

Klytie- "a lustrous blue violet with golden and copper shift"

 Phyllis- "a pale creamy yellow with a strong copper to rose shift"
*The rose shift is extremely strong in person. My camera doesn't capture it well.*

Rhodeia- "a lustrous rose with blue and violet tones"

Khloris- "a lustrous mint green with a golden glow"

Syrinx- "a gorgeous, chromatic brown with gold and green shifts"

Lotis- "a lustrous peachy pink"

Ianthe- "a lustrous violet with a strong silvery green shift"

Philyra-"a soft buff shade with strong yellowish green duochrome"

Leiriope- "lustrous yellow gold with a green to aqua shift"

Anemone- "a muted red with a strong green to gold shift"

I really loved this collection. All of the colors are so soft and can be worn any time! The shifts in these are much stronger in person, especially Ianthe, Khloris, Leiriope, Philyra, Phyllis and Syrinx. My camera just can't capture all of their shifts! I keep reaching for Ianthe, Leiriope, Philyra and Syrinx. Those have to be my absolute favorites out of them all!

You can purchase all of these or your favorites HERE!


lustrous yellow gold with a green to aqua shift
a lustrous violet with a strong silvery green shift - See more at: http://www.aromaleighcosmetics.com/product/ianthe/#sthash.bhNOSsmf.dpuf
a lustrous mint green with a golden glow
a lustrous blue violet with golden and copper shift - See more at: http://www.aromaleighcosmetics.com/product/klytie/#sthash.r5LDgS4T.dpuf

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