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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Aromaleigh Cosmetics Diavoli Collection

Sent for review/Photo Heavy

EDIT 11/26/14: I have updated the photos in this post since I was never fully satisfied with my last photos. I will eventually put the old and the new photos into my swatch gallery on Flickr.

Hi Everyone!

Today I have the Diavoli Collection from Aromaleigh for you! Let me just tell you how great this collection is. The color shifts are absolutely AMAZING! I've swatched this collection 3 separate times to try my best to capture all the color shifts. Here's more information from the Aromaleigh website:

"Aromaleigh Halloween 2014 presents the “DIAVOLI” collection. Diavoli translates to devil in Italian, and this collection is inspired by the devilish demons of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. There’s 13 colors inspired by the Malebranche of the 8th circle of Hell, which in italian is called “Malebolge”, which translates to “evil ditches”. The Malebranche (which means “evil claws”) were 13 devilish demons who patrolled the 5th Bolgia. (only 12 are named in the Inferno). Bolgia 5 was where extortionists, blackmailers, politicians and unscrupulous businessmen: sinners who used their positions in life to gain personal wealth or other advantages for themselves) are punished by being thrown into a river of boiling tar. Should they try to escape, the Malebranche, armed with grappling hooks and barbs, stand guard over them.  Visual inspiration comes from my own reader’s eye, as well as illustrations and paintings by Gustav DorĂ©, Sandro Botticelli, Giovanni di Paolo and Giovanni Stradano.

The shades in this collection all feature a plush matte base with strong color-traveling duochrome/multichrome pigments. You can experience this color traveling effect by altering the angle of light as it reflects off your eyeshadow. The easiest way to do this is to move your jar/swatched skin underneath a direct light source, such as a desk lamp. As you move it, you’ll see the color switch from one to another. The effect is very dramatic in some shades."

Swatches are done over NYX Eyeshadow base in Skin Tone using a Nikon D3100. All photos are taken under a daylight bulb and the color shifts are caught by turning my arm away from the light source. 

This is going to be a photo heavy post, so on to the swatches!

Alichino- "a muted greyed warm green plush matte base that sometimes appears more blue-grey. It has a strong color traveling duochrome effect which ranges from red to orange to gold."

Rubicante- "Rubicante is a muted rich red plush matte base with violet tones. It is overlaid with a strong duochrome effect which ranges from blue to violet."

 Malacoda- "a deep purplish taupe plush matte base with an intense color-traveling duochrome effect that ranges from copper to green to aqua."

 Libicocco- "a greyed violet plush matte base with metallic copper undertones and a strong copper to red to violet color-traveling duochrome effect. "

Calcabrina- "an intense duochrome shade- the base is a very deep brown/violet plush matte, with a vivid color traveling teal/blue multichromatic pigment."

 Draghignazzo- "a fascinating shade when it comes to trying to describe it. In some lighting, it appears to have a deep taupe plush matte base. In other light, this base appears more grey. But what you can’t deny is the very strong blue to green to teal color traveling duochrome effect, which sometimes even appears a bit purplish at certain angles! "

Barbariccia- "a muted/greyed dark brown/green “breen” plush matte base that appears more greenish in sunlight and more brownish under indoor lighting. This color has an intense multichromatic pigment effect which can show gold to red to green iridescence."

 Ciriatto- "a super intense duochrome shade- the base is a brown/mauve black plush matte, with a vivid color traveling duochrome that shifts from gold to chartreuse to green."

Malebranche- " a rich midtone copperish brown with slight metallic effects, and overlaid with a pale blue to silver duochrome effect. In different lighting, the duochrome can appear to blend with the base color, giving this shade a purplish lean. "

Scarmiglione- "a muted midtone purplish grey taupe plush matte base with a very strong color traveling duochrome which ranges from vibrant gold to chartreuse."

 Cagnazzo- "a deep purplish black plush matte base that flashes magenta in certain lighting conditions. This is accented by a strong violet to aqua color traveling multichromatic effect. In other words, this color is super shifty! "

Graffiacane- "a deep warm brown plush matte base with an intense color traveling duochrome effect that ranges from gold to chatreuse green. "

Farfarello- "a muted brownish/mauve plush matte base with a gorgeous metallic copper lowlight and a very strong red to violet color traveling duochrome effect."

I love these colors! I think my favorites have to be Malacoda, Draghignazzo, Barbariccia, Ciriatto and Cagnazzo.You can purchase the Diavoli collection HERE!


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