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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy Swatches Part 2

Purchased/Photo Heavy


I'm sorry about getting these up so late. I wanted to have them up before the last sale ended, but I haven't been feeling well (migraines, ugh!) so I haven't really been able to focus on things I wanted. But anyway, here's the rest of the swatches!

All are swatched over Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me!

 Third-Man- "is an orange with a subtle red sheen and gold and red sparkles"
Life is a Game Collection

 Guadacanal #22- "is a silver with red shimmers"
Life is a Game Collection

 Distorted Ideal-"Sky blue with green and red sparkles"
Hell Wonderland Collection

 Death Embrace- "A deep royal blue with a reddish sheen and turquoise sparkles"
Hell Wonderland Collection

 Crushing my Heart- "A very pale sheer lilac with flashes of purple and white sparkles"
Hell Wonderland Collection

 Corpse Door- "is a light dusty blue with a purple sheen" 
Just Another Day Collection

 Viral Infection-"is a green with a blue undertone and has a golden duochrome and shimmer and has red sparkles"
Just Another Day Collection

 Flesh Hungry-"is a purple with a blue sheen and sparkles"
Just Another Day Collection

Draugr- "is a dirty white with a dirty green undertone"
Just Another Day Collection

 Oops! #3- "Smoky blue with red and purple sparkles"

 Cardio-Blemish- "Red with an explosion of blue sparkles."
No Longer Available

 Spinal Affliction- "Medium taupe with a pink and grayish sheen. This color is extremely hard to describe."
Hell Wonderland Collection

Crushing Bubbles-"a blue that has a gold duochrome and in certain lights, you'll see green too."

 Hollow Dreams-"a blue with a red sheen and has gold shimmers."

 Warm & Fuzzy-"a pink based brown that has a golden sheen and blue and green shimmers"

 Grieving Flame- "a medium gray with a "flame" duochrome and sparkles."

 Pink Liquor-"a bold pink with a lavender sheen and golden sparkles"
Sold Out

 Fragile Dream-"a purple with a turquoise duochrome and light blue sparkles"

 Twisted- "a violet with green shimmer"

 Winter Dawn- "a light salmon"

I think my favorites from this post have to be Guadacanal #22, Distorted Ideal, Death Embrace, Corpse Door, Flesh Hungry, Cardio-Blemish, Hollow Dreams and Twisted.

You can find all these colors (except for those that are sold out or no longer available) in Innocent+Twisted Alchemy's shop!


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