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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More Aromaleigh Swatches!



I was going to have these up a bit sooner, but life happens. Oh well, they're here now! 

I ordered these a few weeks ago and they came extremely quick and were wrapped nicely. Most of these are in the clearance section of Aromaleigh's old website, so if you like any that I have posted, jump on those quickly before they leave forever!

I'll be linking the product's webpage within the descriptions, so you can click those to go directly to the product's page.

All were swatched over Glamour Doll Eyes' Foil Me!

Gargouille- "This color is very chromatic and ranges from rich copper to deep teal to evergreen, with copper and bright aqua iridescence."

 Password Protected- "A muted warm mauve with coppery iridescence and bright golden sparks."

Ligeia-"a satin finish grayed wedgewood blue base with a strong shimmering gold highlight duochrome."

 Darcelle [FS][SS]- "a deep mysterious olivine with brilliant turquoise shimmer."

 Abattoir- "This shade is a muted copper frost with a strong blue duochrome shift."

 Chrysalis-"This shade is a soft greige with iridescent sparkle and shimmer. We like to think of this shade as a “veil” to wear over other colors, or on it’s own as a delicate highlight."

 Mania's Locus- "A muted violet purple frost with soft silver/blue highlight and aqua green sparks."

 The Wrong Alice- "It's a gorgeous teal with a golden highlight and pink and teal sparkles."

 Azimuth- "It has a taupe base, but a strong blue/green duochrome effect."

 Betelgeuse-"This shade is a warm brown frost sheen with very strong duochrome that goes from green to chartreuse to gold, with a cool green highlight sparkle."

 Aido Hwedo- "a cool mocha frost with a strong green to blue shifting effect, and green sparks."

 Animus [FS][SS]- "a deep rich and dark chocolate bronze with a subtle blue highlight shimmer."

 Sublime- "This shade is a beautiful duochrome with tones of peacock blue, jade green, chartreuse, aqua and gold."

I absolutely LOVE Ligeia, Password Protected, Darcelle, Azimuth and Animus. I may have to pick up a few full sizes of those before they disappear!


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