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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quick Update

I'm in the process of updating some of the older posts on here. I didn't like the pictures in the old posts, so I took new swatch photos. Right now the only new photos are in the Kiss My Sass Cosmetics post. Feel free to check them out!

I've not yet moved over the product photos. Why? Mainly because the originals are on my desktop which I've yet to set up since moving. I primarily use my laptop now, but I need to set up the desktop so I'll let everyone know once they're moved. I also took more product photos, but I'm not the biggest fan of them. So it's up for debate whether or not I drag all my eyeshadows out to do them again in the near future.

I have a lot of new posts coming up in the next few weeks. I've swatched just about everything I own and I'm trying to edit them with the company and name. It takes a while to get everything edited when I have swatched so many things! LOL.

I believe that's it for right now. If you'd like you can check out my nail blog .

Thanks for being a follower/viewer! I truly appreciate everyone!


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