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Monday, July 30, 2012

Ulta Secret Garden Collection Palette

Hi everyone!

Today I have the Ulta Secret Garden Collection Palette. This palette contains 9 Ulta eyeshadow colors, 1 blush, 1 lip color, 1 eyeliner pencil and applicators. All of the eyeshadow colors in this palette have a pearl/shimmery finish. The lip color is a pink/coral color that is very bright and bold while the blush is a bit of a dull medium pink. The eyeliner is just a dark brown color.

All eyeshadow was swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion.

While I like the the packaging and the colors that were picked for this palette, I did have a bit of trouble with some of the eyeshadows. Some of the colors like Gold Leaf and Sage I had to build up and I still didn't get the color I should have. The lip color was also a bit tricky since I had to build it up and it became an almost hot pink/coral color, which is great if that color is for you, but it doesn't look great on me. The blush was pretty easy to apply and looked nice and the eyeliner was great!

I've tried looking on the Ulta website, but I do not see this listed so I'm assuming it isn't available anymore. This was just purchased at my local Ulta store though on clearance for $4.99 so it wasn't that bad for the price. You could possibly still find this at your local store.


*This product was given to me for review. These are my honest opinions about the product.

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