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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Black Rose Minerals- Mini Review & Swatches-Part 1

First things first, if you haven't ordered from Black Rose Minerals (BRM) before, you really should.

Okay, now that's out of the way, I made my first order from BRM a couple weeks ago. I purchased during a sale so I got a great deal on everything. I purchased 25 samples (because I'm a chronic sample buyer) and they arrived at the beginning of the stated TAT (14-28 business days). My samples were packaged nicely along with lots of stickers, a handwritten note from Rosa and two extra samples. The swatches on BRM's website are great and are amazing at helping you choose the colors you'd like. I will say though, I was a bit iffy on some of the colors I picked, but I bought them anyway. If you're iffy about a color, JUST GET IT (at least a sample). I promise, it will amaze you once you see it in person.

Okay, on to swatches. All are swatched over LA Splash Eyeshadow Base/Sealer.

Pacific Oil Slick- "A black base with a blue green shimmer."

Mother Sunflower- "A vibrant, warm and very bright yellow with a delicate shimmer."
Minty-"A pearly light mint with a touch of shimmer."
Demonoid Phenomenon-"A deep rose bordering on soft red. Lavender and blue sparkles give it a slight sheen in certain lights." 
This is part of the Not Another Zombie collection based off of the one and only Rob Zombie.

 *Sidenote: I absolutely LOVE Rob Zombie. I've seen him live (which is absolutely amazing) and I'm a huge Rob Zombie fan. This is my all time favorite song. I need to get the rest of this collection!*

Lost-"an alluring bright aqua and pink glitter"

Moonlight-"This delicate sheen of violet blue shimmers and shines with iridescent hues."
Poppy-"Delicate golden and copper highlights add to the warm coral tone."
*This is color actually leans towards a lighter coral than my camera captures. Swatches on BRM's website are color accurate*
Confused-"What color is it? We don't really know. But our sources tell us there may be violet, gold, green and/or blue. What we do know is that it's a great sheer neutral."

Sushi-"A light beige base with purple/lavender sparkles."

 I'll have two more parts coming up soon! Keep an eye out!


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  1. LOVE BRM -- one of my g-to companies! Great swatches BTW.