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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rockeresque Beauty Co.- Sparrow, XOXO and Girl Fight

 Hi All!

I received a few samples of Rockeresque Beauty Co.'s eyeshadows from the lovely Leilani over at Leilani-Makeup Artist to try out. I've never purchased from Rockeresque directly, so I can't speak about the experience when shopping with the company, but I can speak about the products I received.

The samples came in little baggies with labels (company name, product name and ingredients) and contained enough product for about 5 uses, so there's enough eyeshadow to get a "feel" for the products. They were very silky and extremely pigmented. No building up to get great color pay off.

Well, the colors looked good in the baggies but once I put them over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base, they came to life! I've honestly not seen eyeshadow this vibrant in a while! The colors Leilani picked for me were PERFECT! I do think I will eventually put in an order. I mean, just looking at these few samples it leaves me wanting more!

Yes, these colors are that vibrant! My camera didn't have a freak-out like I would have expected since they are so vibrant.

So far I think I'm going to have to pick up a full size of Sparrow and XOXO. I love the website. It's nicely done. Not confusing at all!

Prices for full sizes are $6. I'm not seeing any way to pick individual samples to try out, but there is a sample kit (Minnie's) with 5 samples (approx. a half gram of product) for $7.

Have you shopped with Rockeresque before? What colors do you love?


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