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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics- Random Swatches

Hi All!

Here are some random swatches of some of the current collections. These collections are starting to be retired each week; first up being the Forest Fantasy collection. So if you'd like any of these colors, you should make a purchase quickly! Some colors I have swatched were just retired (as of my post date, all collections will eventually be retired). I'll label which ones are and what collections they are from.

All swatches are over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base.

Merman- The Mermaid's Lagoon
 Merman- "Golden green satin shifting to teal/blue and sparkling with gold/green/aqua color-shifting shimmers. No siren song was ever so beautiful as the lure of the Merman!"

Mystic Ocean-The Mermaid's Lagoon
 Mystic Ocean- "Deep purple/green base completely loaded with color-shifting glitter that goes gold/green/aqua. Sail away on a secret sea with this gorgeous color!"

Fairy Wings- Forest Fantasy- RETIRED (1/13/13)
Fantasia- Autumn Attitude
Fantasia-"Pretty poodle pink matte base loaded with pink to copper to gold shifting sparkle. Festive and flowery!"

Sunken Treasure-Mermaid's Lagoon
Sunken Treasure-"Rich, deep brown base with strong green/teal/blue shifting overtone, loaded with sparkle in pink, copper, and shifting glitter of green/gold/aqua. You don't need a map to enrich yourself with this beautiful color!"

Golden Heather- Forest Fantasy- RETIRED (1/13/13)

Enchantress- Faery Dust
 Enchantress-"Black based plum bordering on purple, loaded with holographic glitter!"

Striking- Autumn Attitude
Striking-"Dark, dark, seagreen teal with a slight purple/black shift, drenched in blue/teal/purple shifting glitter, very glittery. Brilliant yet dark!"

Elf- Faery Dust
 Elf-"Black based foresty emerald green sparkling with holographic glitter!"

Nymph-Faery Dust
 Nymph-"Black based teal blue sparkling with holographic glitter!"


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