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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Black Rose Minerals Swatches- Part 2

Hi all!

This is my second part of three. You can find the first part here. On to the swatches!

All swatches are over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base.

Halflings-"A bright grassy green with copper shimmer."
This is from Collection To Rule Them All.

The Eye- "A hot orange with red undertones and a splattering of gold sparkles."
This is from Collection To Rule Them All.

Fascination- "This shining pale, golden tone has a very light touch of silver sparkles."

Dr. Farnsworth- "Shimmery mint green."
 This is part of the New New York Collection.

Nightingale-"A blue black base gives way to multiple color highlights."
Mochi-"A light brown with pinky red sparkles."
Hecate-"light lavender with a slight green duochrome"
Minky-"Our very favorite color! Is it purple? Is it red? Is that green I see? Yes, all of the above. This shimmery duochrome is great for a smoky eye look."
Blood Moon-"An eerie ethereal bluish-lavender with loads of red and purple shimmer and a pinkish/reddish/coppery/purple shift."

I think I'm going to have to pick up a full size of quite a few colors. I'm IN LOVE with Hecate. 

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  1. nice swatches, i think to buy some samples from this shop!! :)