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Monday, January 7, 2013

Eccentric Cosmetic Swatches


Eccentric Cosmetics is a cosmetic shop located in Australia. There's a mixture of light and darker shades but not many bright shades. If you tend to lean towards darker colors of eyeshadow, this is the shop for you!

I received a few samples from Eccentric Cosmetics a few weeks ago for review. Shipping was fairly quick from Australia to the US (10 days).

The prices range from $6.45 USD for a full size and sample packs run from $6.45 USD (for 5 samples) to $12.90 USD (for 10 samples). There's also a Blogger/Youtube pack of samples if you're a blogger and you'd like to review the products.

The colors I received are actually really intricate and gorgeous. From the product photos you can tell they are pretty, but the swatch photos you can tell what the color will be like on skin. I had no issues at all with the formula of the eyeshadow. I actually think this company has one of the better formulas I've tried with eyeshadow. It's very pigmented, silky and has great staying power.

These are swatches of the colors I received. All are swatched over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base.

 Extinction Revival- "rich warm red with metallic green sheen, filled with gold sparkles. (not lip safe)"

Biological Manipulation- "metallic coppery rose shifts to metallic golden sheen over a olive green base (not lip safe)"

Planetary Living- "light baby blue shifts to a glowing green, then transform to shimmering pink sheen, depending upon the angle, and how close to the light the eyeshadow is. (not lip safe)"

Robot Takeover-"subtle silver sheen over a light navy blue base, fill with purple sparks (not lip safe)"

Digital Love-"light pink base changes to a deep pink, and a warm lilac purple. The sparkling highlights changes from aqua to green depending upon the lightening, and the angle. (not lip safe)"

All shades.

 Higgs Boson-"acid yellow base; the highlights shifts to a green/purple/aqua sheen depending upon the lighting and the angle. (not lip safe)"

Galactic Era- "warm brown with scatterings of silver, and gold sparks. (not lip safe)"

Artificial Intelligence- "purplish red shifts to a coppery orange, transforms to a golden green, depending upon the angle, and how close to the light the eyeshadow is. Filled with blue, and green sparkles. (lip safe)"

Oceanic Expeditions- "navy blue fill with gold, and purple sparks. (not lip safe)"

Progressive Adaptation- "chocolate brown base with blue sheen that changes to a subtle purple sheen depending upon the angle, and the lighting. (not lip safe)"

All shades.

I really like Extinction Revival, Higgs Boson and Oceanic Expedition. Which shades do you like?

Also, please check out THIS POST and let me know your thoughts on my new swatching style. Please be honest! Thank you!


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